hair salon design, barber shop design

The barber shop is a frequent haunt for people. Nowadays, there are many hair beauty for the women and men. The barber shop not only can cut hair for people now but also offer many service, such as washing hair and massage the head, hair dyeing and perms, etc. People not only pay attention to the skills of the barber but also care about the barber shop decoration. When customers first choose a hair salon, they can only judge the quality and price from the interior and exterior decoration. If it is too luxurious, it will make people feel that it is too exaggerated and a waste of money; if it is too simple, it appears that the technical strength and enterprise strength are not enough. Barber shop decoration design should be able to create a warm, clean, comfortable range, should not blindly compare, spend money to toss.

Description of the salon barber shop

The barber shop main hue is purple. Purple represents nobility and is often the favorite color of nobles,and also represents the romantic. So the salon barber shop has its positioning and looks very high-end, which main market is for the women. This part is a area for customers to make the hair beauty. The counter and mirror are decorated into the European style, which match the style people like very much in their local place. There are the purple light stripe to decorate the mirrors and shine them, it looks very romantic. The chairs are purple too, it also fit the main hue of the shop. The wall decoration is the bricks shape, it is a common decoration for many shops to choose. The ceiling with the beautiful lamps in this area also are attractive and fantastic. The lamps is unique and wonderful. At the another side wall, some pictures of the hair beauty styles of different model. The pictures also is with the gold frame to decoration, and It further shows the sense of high class.

At this part, there are more layouts. One big soft sofa with relevant different purple color for customers to have a rest and wait for the project when the shop is full with customers. One rectangular European style table with two different chairs on the two sides near the window. The curtain is also high-end purple to adorn the shop. There are 3 sinks in front of the 3 chairs. At the wall, there are the long and small mirrors to adorn the shop too and make the shop looks much bigger. And there are the shelves to hold some things in the another side too. The ceiling decoration is for this part too, different crystal lamps shape to make the salon barber shop look like a the Princess's Palace, which can attract many customers.

This is another barber shop area, it is made of the light purple. In this area, there are 3 seats of washing hair. Its back wall are designed with the wood display shelf with different areas to put the shampoo and hair dye and some hair beauty tools. Then the hair beauty counter with mirrors are another type here, and the chairs are the same with purple. The poster with different hair styles on the wall to attract the customers. Two small round stools here for customers too. The lamps is different from other areas. It is very good.

This part is for the reception desk, and cash register is on this desk too. The color of the cash register should also be combined with or echoed by the color of the store walls and the decoration of the hair salon. The reception desk is made of the stone, which is very special and high-end for the shop. There are some purple decoration on the desk to make it more European style. The desk and the barber shop appropriately decorated with a bit of high-grade handicrafts. At the back wall, it is purple too and which can design the logo, and it is designed with mirror pattern.

In conclusion

Barbershops are different from ordinary shops. Barbershops are places to beautify people and spread beauty. They need to be decorated differently, but they must also be in line with the actual operation of the shop and adapt to the local situation.

The color of the store should make customers can sit down without mood fluctuation, so that customers feel relaxed, comfortable, warm, and have a sense of trust and security, then the color of the store is more important, dark will make people feel uneasy, produce impatience, mood fluctuations, can not sit down. In short, the shop tone must be given priority to with light, light.

In order to relax staff, customer tension. Barbershop decoration design is the use of color, lighting, modeling to make the store beautiful and moving is very important. Bright color can give people pleasure, good impression. Good lighting design is not free from decoration, but preset in decoration and architectural integration.