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Coffee Kiosk Retail Food Booth For Shopping Mall For Sale

Coffee kiosk retail shopping mall kiosk

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Coffee, I believe we are all familiar. Especially for the working women friends, the work needs to use a lot of brain, and spend more energy. Also. when working overtime and staying up late, many women will choose a cup of coffee to refresh themselves. But in addition to the work needs to use coffee, usually leisure will also drink coffee. Now milk tea shops and coffee shops are also very many, it is more common to invite friends to a cup of coffee. And now that summer is almost here, we can have an iced coffee to refresh and quench our thirst.


The detailed information about the coffee kiosk retail food booth:

Product name: Coffee Kiosk Retail Food Booth For Shopping Mall For Sale.

Size: 10x8ft.

Basic material: plywood.

Surface finishing: wooden color laminate, black color laminate.

Countertop: wooden color laminate or we have another choice is solid wood.

Logo: 3D lighted logo, Acrylic not lighted logo.

Other we include all the wires and sockets, stainless steel toe tick, same lock with key, single sink and so on.


How to start the 3D design if you want to open a coffee kiosk in the shopping mall?

First, for the 3D design we will charge 300USD design deposit. But this design deposit will return to you when order the kiosk. So actually we are offering the free design.

Second, our professional design team will send the 3D design rendering to you within 3-5 working days, after we receive the design deposit.

If you don’t satisfied with the design, we will change for you.

Finally, we will make the construction drawing for you after you confirm the final 3D design.


Our company is a kiosk manufacturer for the coffee kiosk. Please welcome to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood & Laminate
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