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Beauty salons have become an inseparable part of modern urban women’s lives. For them, beauty salons are a magical place where they can rest, relax and become beautiful. In their spare time, they come to the beauty salon to relieve the high-intensity pressure of work, and they can temporarily leave the things in life. Here, they enjoy the benefits that women should have, and watch themselves gradually become beautiful and refreshed.


The beauty salon has designed a lot of items, in addition to skincare, there are also nail care and body SPA, and so on. We can become healthy while becoming beautiful, so beauty salons are very popular. A beauty salon with advanced decoration can attract more attention because the equipment used in beauty is very advanced. When we decorate the store, we should also make it a high-end store.


For the beauty salon, the first thing we see is the reception desk. The reception desk is the core of the store. Its quality can determine the customer’s impression of us. The main colors used in this store are rose gold and marble. The wall behind the reception desk can be used as our signboard wall, we can install our logo on it or do some modeling. Here are some nail polishes, and manicures are also cosmetic parts. Make a circle of curved light strips around it to make the whole wall look very high-end and beautiful.


We should delineate the area of each project. Shown here are the positions of two manicure tables, which can accommodate four clients at the same time. On the back of the manicurist, the best way is to set up a display wall where all our nail polishes can be placed, so it has a large capacity. We only have many colors and brands of nail polish and customers will try the color first when choosing a color, So for the manicure area, the nail polish display cabinet is very important.



In addition to the nail care of the hands, the nail of the feet is also very important. Especially in summer, when we wear sandals, doing toenails can make our feet more beautiful. Toenails need to be washed before they are treated. So here we need to prepare the footbath and seats. A shelf for towels and nail polish can be set next to it. We can see that the colors of the display stand, chairs, and footbaths are very similar, which gives customers a very unified and comfortable visual effect.


Many times the barber and beauty shop will do it together. For the barbering area, it is relatively simple, we only need to prepare a few mirrors, storage cabinets, and barber chairs. Of course, there are various styles of mirrors and cabinets, and we can choose some high-end styles. A mirror display like the one above is very special and beautiful. We set up a concave display with mirrors mounted inside and light strips embedded around the perimeter, and storage using wall-mounted laminates, which replaces bulky cabinets, and saves a lot of space. It can be used not only as a haircut area but also as face management, such as eyebrow threading or makeup, etc.

treatment room furniture

When it comes to beauty shops, the most indispensable is the treatment room. We need to do skincare or body oil SPA for customers. In order to give customers the best experience, we need to prepare a facial bed and a quiet room. The light in the room should not be too bright, otherwise, it will make the customer’s eyes feel uncomfortable. In order to protect the privacy of customers, beauty beds are best placed in a closed space.

high-end sofa in beauty shop

Finally is our waiting area. We should prepare a suitable sofa and provide some tea or snack for customers. Sometimes we also need to introduce our services and packages to new customers, so we need to prepare a comfortable seats for our customers.

nail salon shop design ant display


From the design drawing, we can see that the color of almost all the furniture in this store is uniform, mainly using rose gold stainless steel display cabinets and decoration, including ceiling lights and tables. Display cabinets made of this material are used in many high-end stores. Such as jewelry stores and perfume stores. In addition to rose gold colors, there are also gold, black, champagne gold, and more. If you want to create a high-end store, we can use this material. It also has brushed and mirrored finishes so we have a lot of choices. If you want to build a high-end beauty salon, then we need to do the design first, determine the space of each area and design the appropriate furniture. It was very convenient and fast for us to buy and arrange everything.