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We all know that the salon chairs are widely used in commercial business space. Most of them have a beautiful and high-end appearance and it's are very comfortable to sit up. Whether to fit the barber kiosk or hairdressing kiosk in a shopping mall or decorate your commercial barbershops or even beauty salon shops, we will use the best style salon chairs. Generally speaking, The seats of salon chairs are the most important part Which is relatively soft and comfortable. Due to the variety of styles of salon chairs, its price range is also very wide. Some are very cheap and some are expensive, it depends on their style and materials. Ant Display is mainly dedicated to the customized sale of various commercial salon chairs, reclined salon chairs, or barbershop chairs. No matter what kind of furniture or chair you need, you can find it here. When we think of the salon, the words we can think of are comfortable, beautiful, and gorgeous. Check our page and find your favorite leather salon chair at a reasonable price.

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  1. High-end Barber Oil Pressure Chair | Hairdressing Recliner Chair For Sale
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Salon chairs are mainly divided into two types, one with a hydraulic system and the other without a hydraulic system. Salon chairs without hydraulic systems are generally used in barbershop, beauty shops, eyebrow salon or hairdressing studio. The salon chair with a hydraulic system is the most common and widely used place is in the barbershop. There are also two kinds of salon chairs with a hydraulic chair

Generally, Salon chairs with a hydraulic system can control the height of the chair. We can adjust the height of the chair according to the height of the customer. In some barbershops or beauty places, sometimes it is necessary to help customers shave or trim their eyebrows. At this time, we hope that the chair can be put down so that we can serve our customers. Therefore, the chair with a hydraulic system can be divided into two types: reclining and non-reversing.

What The Best Material For High-Quality Salon Chair?

  • Stainless steel & chrome chair base. We all know that the chemical and physical properties of stainless steel are very good, and it is widely used in our lives. The chassis and armrests of the salon chair are generally made of stainless steel. We usually polish or plate it to make it look smoother and more advanced. The armrests, pedals, and chassis of our common salon chairs are gold or stainless steel.
  • Plywood and solid wood. If you don't like the salon chair with metal texture, we can choose a wooden chair, solid wood backrest, and seat, beautiful and firm, wood grain color can be freely chosen.
  • High-density sponge and PU leather. This material is generally the seat cushion and backrest of a salon chair. It has a variety of colors and surfaces to choose from. High-density rebound sponge, long service life, not easy to deform, comfortable, and beautiful.
  • Hydraulic oil pump. The hydraulic oil pump is important for chairs that need a barbershop. We can control the height of the chair. It can rotate 360 degrees and has a strong bearing capacity. Bring us a lot of conveniences, is an essential thing for the barbershop chair.

We all know that there are many types of salon chairs, but the main materials that makeup it is generally the above. They can be matched at will. The simpler chair can be made of wood or stainless steel and sponge leather only, and the more complicated chair is composed of the above four. So the price of salon chairs is also very wide. If you don't know the type and style of the chair, it is difficult for us to quote.

Recline Salon Chair

Salon Chair is the most important furniture in a barbershop business. Whether the clients can have a comfortable seat define the customer experience, and further efferent the shop sales.   Reclined chairs are just the perfect right chairs that suit for hair cutting stores.  It not only give clients a more pleasant posture but also allows hairstylist working in a most efficient way. Check our page and find the right reclining salon chairs. For commercial chairs, the weight it can bear is generally 300-400KG. Regardless of the material or the color or type of sponge leather, we can choose. If you are interested in salon chairs, you can tell us their main purpose and where they are used, so we can also recommend it to you. When you want to come to a salon, you will definitely need the furniture and chairs inside.

Salon Styling Stations

Every Berber shop will need styling stations, Some are single-sided, some are double-sided. Styling stations which are also named as hair cutting stations is a wall cabinet with a mirror. Ant Display supply a large variety of modern design salon styling stations, barbershop stations, salon wet stations, and hair cutting counters. Check our site and choose the best barbershop furniture at an affordable cost. 

Wholesale Salon Chair For Sale

Besides Barbershop furniture and salon equipment, We are a customized company if you have your own shop and plan to add furniture and equipment to it. Then you can contact us, we will design the layout of the entire store and the interior furniture for you, including the salon chair inside. With the design, we can know which style of chair is more suitable for our shop. If you just want to order some salon chairs, you can find your favorite style on the website and just place the order. If there is no style you like, you can send us the picture of the chair you like, we will customize it according to the salon chair you like and ship it to your country. No matter what product you need, we can help you. Please contact us for more information.