baby shop

The baby store is one of the most popular shops. We all know that the parent wants to give all our best to our kids. They always spend a lot of time and money on their food and clothing. So the price of the clothing is not the most important thing, we have to see their quality and comfort level. If you want to open a baby store, we have to consider how to decorate it and arrange the inside layout. Today I want to show you the baby store inside furniture and its layout.

baby store

From the top view, we can see it is relatively large. It has two display windows, and inside with some wall display cabinet/rack. Some middle tables, and a cashier register. The color of this shop is light wood and white. It feels very clean. So a lot of clothing shops will use this color combination.

baby shop window display

The product window is the most important thing to attract customers. Especially when the products in the store are difficult to see, they are usually set at the door. In the product window, we must display things that can attract customers, like a kid’s full outfit, including shoes. It is best to display it with a mannequin, and the effect will be more prominent.

clothing rack

The inside is very bright, we can see there have many of display furniture, they have different styles. The baby shop can sell many things. Such as clothes, shoes, hats, or some daily supplies. So we can arrange more rack, they can make our shop looks richer.

baby store racks ant display

Behind the cashier counter, we can make a small image wall, it can put our logo or the lightbox. In the above design, it is an angel baby, so people can see our theme and the main service object.

display stand

For the wall display, we can put some large products. Such as quilts and pillows. For the baby shops, it is also a good choice if you also sell some baby mother supplies.

clothing store design

All furniture in this store is similar in style, they use the same color, and the style varies according to the product. Such small-sized retail racks are popular because they don’t take up too much space, and for a store, they shouldn’t be too crowded, otherwise, the customer experience will be poor.

retail stand

Using white display cabinets can highlight the color of our products, which is why so many stores use white furniture and wall.

display furniture

We are a custom company, we can provide the whole shop retail racks. If you don’t know how to choose the furniture and want to see the whole shop effect. We can make a shop 3D design first. We can design the shop inside furniture and decoration according to your shop floor plan. We can also set up a suitable display window. So you can get everything you want here. After confirming the final design, we can know the furniture quantity and price.