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Salon Mirrors

Are you looking for a salon mirror? Salon mirror (also called salon-style unit) is an important part of salon furniture in effective salon design. A carefully selected styling unit can be a space-saving solution that makes full use of the available rooms in the salon. In the salon, nothing is more important than looking in the mirror. When customers walk into your salon, unique decorations and attractive salon mirrors can impress them. Therefore, you need to choose the right mirror to decorate your barbershop or start other beauty businesses to maximize the potential of the designer. Ant Display offers a large variety of modern style, industrial style salon mirrors for sale. Whether you are looking for a wall hanging mirror for your eyebrow salon or need oval shape salon mirrors for your nail bar. Or need a freestanding solid wood mirror for your barbershop, you will always get your ideal mirror here. Check our page and find your favorite design and styles. 

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Top Quality Salon Mirrors For Commerical Environments

At Ant Display, we have more than 20 years of experience to assist you in finding hair salon mirrors and hair salon equipment to meet their needs. Help you highlight every masterpiece you make, and let you and your customers achieve artistry and creativity! No matter what kind of beauty salon you have, you need a mirror. This is the most important project for every salon design. Today, we offer many options for modeling mirrors and various salon furniture. If you don’t know what you really need, it’s hard to choose the right one. We will help you determine the mirror you need for the salon and some tips for choosing the best mirror for the salon.

Salon Mirrors

Spa Salon Mirrors

Another area where you might incorporate mirrors in the salon foyer. Before and after the spa, a mirror near the entrance may be another form. Your customers will glimpse themselves when they first arrive, and the appearance will improve after delivery. In addition, you may want to sell hairdressing products to customers and need to show them in advance. Consider mirroring the area behind the product shelf. The mirror reflects the light onto the product, making the product look more beautiful.

Illuminate the mirror area

For designer workstations, task lighting is critical. Keep in mind that even if a clear light is provided for the designer's work, the bright overhead lighting may not be amazing. Consider installing lights around the mirror itself instead of imagining what you want to see after the show. Such lighting is more flattering for your customers.

Barber Shop Mirrors.

Barbershop is the very place that needs mirrors. Not only for hairdressers but also for clients can easily see the effect during hair cutting or hairdressing. Therefore, hair salon mirrors are essential for every barber store or hairdressing kiosks

Get A Beautiful Salon Mirror From Ant Display

Create an attractive interior space and use attractive mirrors and charming locations to encourage customers to return to enjoy beauty treatments. Discuss with Ant Display your idea of using mirrors in the new hair salon.

Various Dimension of Salon Mirror Available

The first and most important factor in obtaining a mirror of the right size is the size of your salon. If you have a small salon, it is best to install a large mirror on the wall to create a larger space. If you have a larger salon, you can equip each salon chair with a mirror large enough. And leave space between the chairs or place the partition of your choice. You can decorate them as you want. If you need a more visible area, you should get a larger mirror. Remember, people’s heights vary, so your mirror size should be suitable for all customers.

Perfectly Design Effects 

Of course, the foundation of the mirror is only glass with a reflective coating. Although normal rectangles may work in extremely small settings, you are more likely to get attractive effects through frames or special edges. If it is modern, consider using a simple frame for geometric mirrors. If you want a charming charm, please decorate it. If you still want to promote your business or brand through a mirror, please consider adding a salon logo to your design.

Frame color and style

In fact, there are thousands of options for the framework. Every color, every design and style. You can get a simple monochrome frame or a carved wooden frame. It really depends on your salon design and your preferences. If your salon is darker, you will get a darker frame. You can even choose frameless mirrors, but they are rare. Larger frames will take up more space, so if your salon is small or requires more space, please do not use mirrors with larger frames.

Custom Salon Mirror at an affordable cost.

Many salons have good reasons to shine around the mirror. They make the mirror look better and provide you and your customers with better visibility. There are many options for lights-you can even use very cheap LED strips and provide different colors. You can put the lights behind the mirror, they look great. But remember, don't make it too bright, as they may adversely affect your eyes. The reflective quality of the mirror can also make your salon shinier. They can light up dark areas or make smaller spaces look bigger. For example, if you have attractive lighting equipment, try to capture them in a mirror.

These tips will help you choose the right mirror for the salon. No matter which mirrors you like the most, you can find them on Ant Display. We can also customize salon mirror for you