Barber Trolley

Barber trolley plays a very important role in retail barber shops. Almost every hairdresser will need use barber trolley, they comes with many shelves and trays, you can use it to storage the tools and hair beauty products, Comb, scissors, etc. Barber trolley bring a lot of convenience to the work of hairdressers. They will comes with movable wheels, you can move them to different places freely. We have many different styles for you to choose. They are in different materials, can made of plastic, metal, and wood. We will use durable steel as legs and support, theIR load-bearing capacity can reach 100KGS.

Ant display limited was established in 2008 and is one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of hair salon furniture and hairdressing equipment in China. Provide barber chairs, styling chairs, beauty sofas, shampoo chairs, shampoo beds, hairdressing carts, shampoo beds, lounge chairs, hairdressing turn lights and other products. In the past 12 years, we have been following our business philosophy: "Integrity, Innovation, and Development". With the development policy of "high quality, high efficiency and low cost", we will continue to create product value for customers at home and abroad and provide quality services. The company has advanced machinery and equipment, experienced management personnel and a large number of skilled designers. With stylish design, elegant style, and excellent quality, our hairdressing trolleys sell well in domestic and foreign markets as well as in Europe, America, and the Middle East.

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  1. Multifunctional Beauty Trolley Rack | Beauty Salon Cart
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  2. Barber Shop Tool Cabinet | Hairdresser's Stainless Steel Trolley
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Our barber trolley cart mainly include 3 types:

barber trolley

  1. Plastic barber trolley

Plastic barber trolley is becoming more and more popular recent years. Now more and more salon shop start use plastic barber trolleys. They are light but also very drable, and plastic is water-proof, easy clear, Most important is it is very cheap.

  1. Metal barber trolley

Metal barber trolley is a good choice for retail salon shop. We supply aluminum barber trolley, stainless steel barber trolley and iron barer trolley. They are very durable, cfan use many years.

  1. Wooden barber trolley

We suppply wooden barber trolley in different finishes, their surface can use paint, laminate, wood veneer, also can be soilid wood.


6 advantages of our barber trolley

  1. Save space

They are not big in size and can be moved flexibly, which can help save space.

  1. Strong storage function

Our hairdressing carts have multi-layer shelves, and some are also equipped with drawers, hooks, etc., which can store many products and tools. Help you organize and store your tools and hair products.

  1. Stability wall

Our hairdressing trolley has stable assembly nodes, thick materials, and very stable mechanical design.

  1. Selected materials, quality is guaranteed

Our wood, metal and plastic are carefully selected by the purchasing department. We will use waterproof material and treatment on the surface, which is resistant to water and corrosion, and is easy to clean.

  1. Safe rounded corners to prevent knocks

Our barber trolley are designed with rounded corners, and the edges are also treated, which is very safe.

  1. Diverse styles, stylish and beautiful

We continue to introduce new products, which can provide various colors, materials and sizes of hairdressing trolleys to meet the different needs of different customers, which are very popular with people. And the appearance is very beautiful.


How to Choose The best barber trolley?

As we know barber trolley is very important for a retail hair salon shop. But how to choose the suitable barber trolley is one very important thing you need consider. Well, here sum up some points which you need take into consideration when you choose a barber trolley:

  1. Size

You need choose the suitable size as your needs. If you only want to use the barber trolley to put some small tools and products, then you can do it smaller. If you wanto use it to storage some big hair beauty products, like hair extensions, hair dryers etc. Then you need choose bigger size.

  1. How many drawers the barber trolley have

If you want to your barber trolley be more functional, then more drawers are needed. If you want to storage different tools and products in different places, then you need many drawers.

  1. The materials used

We can supply barber trolleys in differnet materials, from plastic trolley to metal trooley to wooden trolley. If you want use longer then can use metal trolley. Wooden trolley has natural look and can do many colors and shapes. Plastic trolley will be lighter and easy to move.