We all know that mobile phones are being updated very quickly. Many people have more than one mobile phone in their hands, they will choose multiple mobile phones to use at the same time. The life span of a mobile phone is very long. At the same time, mobile phones are gradually becoming more efficient in order to meet people's needs. Different people have different requirements for mobile phones. For girls, mobile phones can be used to take pictures. Mobile phones with higher pixels are more popular with girls. For boys, performance is very important, because boys often need to play games. The game must ensure the smoothness of the phone. Therefore, mobile phone shops generally have multiple brands and multiple styles. You can choose the right style according to your needs.

Unique Phone Store Phone Display Showcase for Sale

The above picture is for the phone shop. It includes a phone display table to display the computer or iPad. You can see there are several high glass showcase. It can help you display the sample or iPad. It will be better. For the wall side, we put the slate wall to display the phone accessories. Some brands also have other product to sell, like TV. Someone also will buy the TV, when they need the TV sometime. All the display stands, display showcases, display slat walls will add the light belt. To make the phone or computer more attractive.

phone store design

How to do the phone shop design?

01The decoration color should be bright

Many brand mobile phone shops will use warm colors as the main color for decoration. For example, Huawei 3.5 series stores. The tall accessory cabinets and the arc-edge experience table all use the warm wood grain as the main color of the counter. This choice will give people a sense of warmth, kindness and natural comfort, which is naturally very pleasing. And this design is very popular in mobile phone shops.

02 Pay attention to storefront design

The design of the door should echo the color of the store. Its color is eye-catching, and it can't be out of touch with the overall color of the store. In terms of visual effects, the atmosphere is high-grade, and the decoration outside the store is the first impression left to customers, which is naturally very important.

03 Pay attention to wall design

The wall is the most visible place for customers, so it’s best not to put mobile phones on the wall. At this time, we have to put the publicity in place, we can install soft film lightboxes on the walls. We can also mark the category on each display cabinet, which can help customers understand the division of the store and find the location of the favorite brand faster.

04 Lighting design

Lighting is an important display element in the store, too dark light will give customers a sense of lifelessness in the store. Even in the daytime, the shop will still look dim when the lights are not turned on. Therefore, the choice of lighting is very important. The current LED lights are bright and energy-saving, which is a good choice.

05 Reasonably plan the indoor layout

For shops with larger areas, indoor layout zoning is very important. First, divide into large areas, and then carefully plan the layout of each area. In this way, the store must have a sense of abundance and not be too full. There are many types, but they are in order.

06 Broad vision

Tall cabinets can be placed by the wall, while the middle cabinet is relatively short. This will not affect the vision. And it allows customers to see the entire store at a glance and know the location of the visit very clearly.

phone store decoartion

If you want to open the phone store, what things will you do?

  • Firstly, you need to find a good place in the street or retail store. We all know that a good place must have the customer flows for it.
  • Second, You need to contact the manufacturer to build the phone display showcase for you.
  • Third, we can do a design firstly based on your shop size. Then you will know the whole effect. The design includes the 3d max design, revise the design, and detailed construction drawings.
  • Forth, after you confirm the design, then we will produce it entirely according to the design you confirmed.

Finally, Producing and Shipping. When we receive your 50% deposit, then we start to produce the phone shop furniture. During the production time, we will take the production photos and videos for you on time. After finish the shop furniture, please arrange the balance payment. Then we will arrange the shipping for you. Before loaded it out of our factory, we will contact the shipping company, and arrange it to the warehouse.