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Yesterday an Australian customer of mine contacted me and said that he wanted to open a new store specializing in mobile phone accessories. We made him the furniture for the mobile phone store last year. He was very satisfied, so he chose to come back to us. He said that the mobile phone business is not so good now, but mobile phone accessories are selling very well.

Why phone accessories easy to sell than mobile phone?Mobile phones are durable goods. There are many mobile phone brands and mobile phone suppliers, and there is great competition. However, mobile phone accessories are fast consumables. Because of their low value, people often replace them and are in high demand.


Take these factors into consideration when choose phone display cabinet:

  1. it need match your shop whole theme.

When you choose the phone accessories display cabinet, you need see if they match your shop style and color theme.

  1. it need be functional to display and storage.

A display cabinet for mobile phone accessories, the most important is it need be very functional and practical.So it need has enough display area and storage area.

  1. Your budget.

When you choose display cabinet,you need considering your budget.If your budget is small, you can just go simple style, if your budget enough, you can see choose some more luxury models or customize one as your needs.



Recommend a mobile display cabinet to you:

Here today i want to share you a simple but functional phone display cabinet design.

phone display cabinet

This mobile accessories display stand size is 5ft all used white color, top can put your logo, middle are 6 wood shelves to display phone accessories, on top of each layer add bright 4000K led light strip, so the display effect is very good.And you see carefully will find the back board is inclined, not vertical, this kind special design will make the phone covers effect looks better, easy be seen by customers.Under the shelves have 16 drawers, so have a lot storage area, you can storage different kinds of phone accessories here.And it bottom comes with wheels, so if you need move or change places, you can just push, very convenient.

Some customers will ask, if i can do some changes, i don’t want all white color, and size can adjust?yeah sure, you can just tell us you need how big and want what color ,then we can customize as your needs.

cellphone display stand

Here are some more details about this phone cabinet design:

  1. size: 5ft x1.5ftx7.9ft or customize
  2. Color:white, different colors available
  3. Materials:basic material used is 18mm thickness MDF wood, surface finished by white paint
  4. Accessories: SS locks, SS handles,acrylic logo,SS toe kicker
  5. Price:1 PCS, 700USD/PCS,10 PCS,630USD/PCS


You may also interested in these info:

  1. production time and shipping time:

Many customers will ask about production time and shipping time before they that they can have a rough idea the progress need how long.Here i want to answer in detail.The production will need about 10-12 work days for one piece,12-15 work days for 1-5 pieces,5-10 pieces need 18 work days. More than 10 pieces will need check with workshop.shipping to different locations time is different, so need know your location to check the exact date.

  1. The package of this phone display cabinet

The cabinet is big and heavy, so as usually we will load it to you by sea. Sea shipping as we know need long time,so package is very important. Good package can help protect your products and more safe. Firstly we will clean all the surface of the cabinet, then we will use pearl cotton to protect all corners and frames, hardware, then use film to cover all surface.Second we will use Foam cotton to protect all sides, then put the cabinet into 18mm MDF wood box.You can see our package is very good, so no need worry about the package.





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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF with paint
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