The decoration of a good optical shop can give people a refreshing feeling. So we need to work hard on the decoration of the optical shop. The layout of the optical shop decoration mainly gives people a sense of comfort and visual beauty. The design and decoration should be simple, bright, clean, neat, warm and comfortable. At the same time, shops need and have clear and bright visual effects and good lighting. When we decorate the store, the store decoration must have its own personality and style.

According to the basic style of the shop plus your own ideas, form the characteristics of your own glasses shop; for example, we often use the wood grain color, gray, white, orange, and red tones for the decoration of the glasses shop. We must boldly try to use the glasses industry has not used Blue tone.

How to Decorate the Optical Store?

  1. Professional.

With the development of the economy, the prospects of the glasses industry are relatively optimistic, and the number of optical shops has also increased. This also reflects that the current competitiveness is also increasing. Therefore, we have to be unique in the decoration of the store, so as to attract the attention of customers and increase our sales. Optical shops belong to a semi-medical and semi-commercial industry, and their specific functional areas require rigorous professional content planning. For example, the length and width of the optometry room; the space size affected by the instrument size in the processing area, etc.

  1. Economy

The ultimate goal of the decoration of the optical shop is to expand sales and increase profits, so decoration is very necessary. But it does not mean that only high-investment decoration can bring more profits. Designers only need to carefully design the decoration. Make the shop look more beautiful. Maybe it does not need to spend more money but also can create a unique glasses shop.

  1. Attraction


First of all, the color of the store must be unified. Logo color, display color, and decoration color should be harmoniously integrated so that people can see the main color of the store at a glance. But the uniformity mentioned here refers to the uniform color layout. Instead of making all the display racks the same color as the wall decoration color, it will make the store look dull.


In an optical shop, lighting plays a key role. For the same glasses display, the display effect of lighting and not lighting is completely different. Especially the kind of display racks without lights, the lighting of the shop at this time is very important. Can better show the effect of glasses. Customers can better choose their own glasses frame.

  1. Space Arrangement

    1.Optometry Room:

the optometry room is a professional optometry area. With an independent optometry room and a professional optometer, the optician can clearly understand their vision. So choose the glasses that suit you. When decorating and designing the optometry room, the width between 3M and 2m is generally suitable.

   2.Processing Room:

The processing room is an independent area for the optician. In the decoration design processing room, only need to make some work table and display table can be placed. But we should pay attention to the height of the worktable should not exceed 80cm, which is more convenient for the staff. Reserve 3 to 5 sockets above the counter to facilitate the use of the equipment.

optical store design

Here is Optical Shop Design

The main style of this glasses shop is the wood grain style. The wood grain style gives people the feeling that it is simple, natural, and environmentally friendly. Although this design is simple but high-end, most people prefer this design. The display shelves in the shop are all of wood grain style, which is very popular in recent years. The entire area of the store is well arranged. The display area is on the left, the rest area on the right, and the optometry room. Only good store design can attract more customers.  Ant display can be designed according to your needs. And also can provide the relevant optical shop furniture like the sunglasses display stand.

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