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Optical shops are very common and a popular business at the moment. Because many people are exposed to electronic products prematurely, there is too much pressure to study. As a result, many young people and students put on glasses very early. This phenomenon has led to a large demand for glasses in the market. Many people who wear glasses also pay attention to the comfort of the glasses frame and the appearance of the frame. For most people, they still want to match a good-looking and practical glasses. Therefore, many people like to choose the right frame in the shop, with a pair of glasses that suit their eyes.

The Importance of Sunglasses Display Showcase

1. Guide consumption

Whether the design of the spectacle showcase is reasonable or not directly affects the value of the displayed goods, which in turn determines consumers' desire to buy. A good glasses showcase can not only convey product information to consumers intuitively, but also help consumers choose suitable glasses.

2.Dress up the glasses shop

The appearance of showcases can not only enrich consumers' vision, but also help beautify the monotonous environment of optical shops. A well-designed showcase can better enhance the charm of glasses and enhance the grade of the optical shop.

3.Establish a brand image

The brand image seems to be indifferent to the showcase, but there is a certain connection between the two. A good eyewear brand has perfect details in all aspects, making consumers impeccable. In the principle of showcase design, the concept of brand promotion has also been added in recent years.

4.Expand sales

In addition to the unique design of the showcase, its interior decoration is also critical. Through a different kind of product decoration, product placement in line with consumer psychology can promote sales and increase sales.

Details of the Sunglasses Showcase

  • Size: 1x0.4x2m
  • Material, MDF
  • Surface: Baking paint
  • Color: White
  • Style: Fashion Style
  • Hardware: stainless steel handle


How to start the optical business?

  • Firstly, you need to find a good place to start your business. We all know that a good location will help you obtain more profit because of the huge human traffic.
  • Second, after you have the space, you need to contact the manufacturer to help you build the optical shop furniture according your requirements.
  • Third, we suggest we need to do a design based on your shop size and your requirements.
  • Forth, after you confirm the design, we can start to produce the shop furniture according the design without mistakes.
  • Fifth, arrange the 50% deposit for production. Before pack and loaded it, arrange the balance payment.
  • Sixth, Arrange shipping


How many days can we receive the sunglasses displays?

  • Design time: the first design will take 3-5working days.
  • The production time: the whole shop furniture will take 32-35working days.
  • The shipping time: The shipping time depends on your country port. In generally, we choose sea transportation, because sea transportation is more cost-effective. However, compared with air transportation, sea transportation takes longer. Our customer ordered 3 sets, which were shipped to Toronto, Canada. It took about 32 days.


How to Keep the Security?

For the Package, we will use the foam to pack the display showcase’s edge and corner. After finished it, we will use the film to fix the foam. For the outside package, we will use the wood box to protect him. If we help you ship these display showcases, we will help you buy the insurance from the shipping company. If there are any damages, we will help you ask for compensation.

Ant Display

Ant Display is a company specializing in designing and producing commercial showcases. We have produced many kinds of sunglasses display showcase like this one and shipped them to many countries. Some customers customized a complete set of optical shop furniture, and some customers bought these display cabinets separately and put them in his shop. You can purchase according to your needs. Ant Display has a variety of styles of jewelry display, you have to buy according to your own preferences. For example, materials, colors, and shapes can all be customized.

There are design as a reference

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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