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Functional new finished phone accessories display cabinet used in mobile phone retail store

  1. this phone display cabinet design is very modern also functional
  2. we are direct factory, can give you cost price 
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We all know that now basically everyone has a mobile phone, and the widespread use of smart phones makes the demand for mobile phone accessories increasing. Especially mobile phone cases, mobile phone protective films, mobile phone charging cables, etc., and mobile phone accessories are consumables, and the replacement speed is very fast, so more and more people start to engage in mobile phone-related industries and start selling mobile phone accessories. The mobile phone accessories business is very good, because everyone who uses a mobile phone will need it, and the price is cheap and the styles are diverse.


In a mobile phone shop, a very important piece of furniture is the mobile phone display cabinet, which is generally placed against the wall, which not only saves space, but also can display many products and storage. It is an indispensable furniture for mobile phone shops. If you want to open a mobile phone store, you must consider the following 2 points when choosing an accessories display cabinet: 1. Whether the design of the phone display cabinet conforms to the overall style of your store. 2. Whether the mobile phone cabinet has strong practicality.


Today i want to share you a nice and very functional phone accessories display cabinet design. We did 10 pieces for an American customer last month, he used them in his phone shop. his shop opened in this month at New Jersey,he liked our work very much and shared us nice feedback photos.His shop after assembled really looks very amazing.In fact at beginning this customer didn’t trust us, he afraid quality problem and no guarantee.I showed him many phone cabinets projects we did before, and show him our factory video,also he sent his friend in China come our factory checked our work, then he choosed us did design and inside furniture.


Now let’s see this phone accessories display cabinet together:


This mobile phone accessories display cabinet size is 1219mmx350mmx2200mm . It mainly used white color, the top display area and drawer door area added little black for decoration,looks simple but very modern.The top area are 7 layers shelves to display phone covers.The back panel of each layer is inclined,this kind design will be better to display phone covers, phone covers can lean on the back panel for better display.Front of each shelf have Acrylic transparent bezel,can help prevent the phone case from falling.And under each shelf has nice led light, so make whole cabinet looks bright and nice.The bottom comes with 2 cabinets with doors, can used to put storage.This accessories cabinet design is very modern and also very practical. Do you like this phone cabinet design?


Here are more details so that you can know this phone display cabinet better:

  1. Size:1219x350x2200mm
  2. Color:black and white, or customize color is acceptable
  3. Materials:MDF with black and white paint finish
  4. If can customize:can customize as your size,color also can change


May be you also want to know these info:

Production time:many customers will ask how long you will need to make the phone display cabinet?if less than 5 sets,make the display cabinet need about 12-15 work days, if 5-10 pieces about 18-20 work days; if more than 10 about 25 work days.

Price for this display cabinet: the prices will be little different as your quantity. If 1-5 pieces, 900USD/piece,if 5-10 pieces, 820usd/piece, if more than 10 will be cheaper.So if you have need big quantity just contact us to check exact price.And if you need change size or style, price also will change, need see the design as your needs.

Our package:firstly we will clean all the cabinet surface, then use film to cover all surface, then will use Pearl cotton to protect all the corners frames,hardware,then we will put the cabinet inside hard wood box, use Foam cotton to cover the sides.So you can see our package is very strong and durable.

How we delivery:we will pack each cabinet a whole piece use one wood box, because the cargo is heavy and big so as usually we will ship to you by sea.


After read this page, have you got more info about this phone display cabinet, if you want more details, can just feel free to contact us.










More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 1200*550*1000mm
Materials MDF with paint
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