Mobile phones, pads, computers, etc. all play a very important role in our lives. When we travel or go to business, computers play an important role in our lives. We can work anytime, anywhere. Similarly, mobile phones also have this function. In fact, many people have at least two mobile phones in their hands, one for work and one for personal phones. Many people buy mobile phones or computers and choose them in mobile phone stores because they can choose the right mobile phone on the spot. Opening a mobile phone shop is very necessary for selling mobile phones.

Phone Shop Design for Phone Display Showcase

The phone store is really important to sell a mobile phone, a computer. So we need to attend the display cabinet, display showcase, slate wall display stand. The light is also important for the whole shop. The whole style we use white and red as the main color. Because the color of the logo is white and red. For the cashier counter, we use black, because the black will be more stand out in the shop, and the logo will be more attractive.

How to open a phone shop?

phones store design
Firstly, you need to find a good place in a retail store or the busy street. Because the human traffic is really important for selling phones.

Second, after you get the location and the accurate size from the mall. You need to find the manufacturer to build the shop furniture for you. Ant Display focuses on customizing commercial furniture for 17 years. So we can help you produce it according to your requirements.

Third, We will help you do a design firstly. The design will show different angles for you, then you can see the clear effect of your shop. If you want to modify it, we will help you modify it.

Forth, After satisfying the design and get the approval from the landlord. Then we can start to produce it.

When you decide to decorate the shop, there is something that you need to pay attention to.

Shop decoration-overall design

The decoration design of the physical store is a very important link, which is related to the whole decoration process and the final effect. Therefore, when opening a store, the design is the most basic link. When designing, it must be done according to the characteristics of your own products and the style you hope to achieve. When designing, it is necessary to determine the materials used, the later accessories, colors, etc. In this way, the decoration can be carried out step by step according to the design without deviation.

phone display

Design of display cabinet

For the decoration of physical stores, display cabinets are a very important part. With the improvement of people's ideas, there have been many innovations in the shape, color, shape and so on of the display cabinet. And these personalized display cabinets often leave a very good impression on consumers, and thus play an objective role in promoting product sales. So we must work hard on the display cabinet. So as to create a stylish and individual display cabinet.

Store space

Regardless of the size of the store, no matter what products are sold, it is necessary to improve service. The quality of service is a very important factor in the sustainability of the business. Therefore, it is necessary to leave enough experience space for customers when performing physical store decoration design. Only in this way can we get praise from customers and have the opportunity to buy again.

About the Charge

The design fee, a shop will cost at least 500 USD. But the final design fee based on your shop size. After you confirm the order, the design fee will be returned to your deposit.

Does the shop furniture price depend on how many display stands do you need? And what kind of display showcase do you want? So the price based on the final design.

When will we receive these, if i order the shop furniture from you?

If you want to design the phone shop, the design time will take about 3-5working days.

The production time will take about 28-32 working days for the whole shop furniture.

For the shipping time, it depends on your country and which port is near to you. The customer located in New Jersey, it takes about the 34 days to the port. If you are urgent, you can choose the air transportation. But it will be some expensive than sea shipping.