eyebrow kiosk for mall

Eyebrow threading business is one of the most popular and profitable mall kiosk business ideas now, Many business vendors want to join this fierce competition. Open Eyebrow threading kiosk in the mall is definitely a hot kiosk idea. But, how to open a mall kiosk for eyebrow threading? How much does it cost to open an eyebrow threading kiosk in the shopping center? 

Similar to other mall kiosk costs, when you starting a business plan, you will have to calculate all the detailed aspects that cost. Generally speaking, the cost of open an eyebrow kiosk comes in 3 parts. threading kiosk in mall

Lease Renting Cost

When you starting a kiosk business in a shopping mall, you will need to ask for a place to operate your business. Different Shopping mall has different rent rate. Higher-level shopping mall you will get more customer traffic and you will get high rent cost. On the contrary, in the lower market, you will have fewer customer visits. Therefore, you have to choose the right shopping mall to start your business.  Make proper market research before you move in.  In order to ultra use the mall interior space, lots of empty are scheduled to have mall kiosk leases, so the dimension are various a lot too. Some are in the middle of the shopping mall while other many in the corner or against a wall. The price of different spaces is also various. 

Due to those situations, It's hard to give a fixed rent cost on Mall Kiosk rent cost, However, it does have a guideline about the rent cost. For example, Westfield, GGP will have a much higher rent cost at $1000 - $2000 per week, while some standard shopping will cost about $500-$1000 per week. Therefore, choose the right place is very important for business vendors.

Eyebrow Threading Kiosk Cost

When you want to start a threading kiosk in the mall, you need to have a kiosk to operate your service, the cost to build a kiosk also diverse from different locations. Basically, kiosk costs are split into this blow three parts.

Threading Kiosk design cost

Talking about eyebrow threading kiosk design, you should read >>> Mall used Eyebrow Threading Kiosk Design,  You can get to a design company to get your kiosk designed which will cost a lot, but you will get professional work. Or get a cheap kiosk concept on Online platforms, such as Fivver, Alibaba. Those designer give a low price but the kiosk design are simple.  The third way is to get it designed from the kiosk manufacturer. You can visit the Kiosk Design page to see more design concepts before you start a kiosk design. 

Kiosk Manufacturing cost

How much to build an eyebrow kiosk for a shopping mall? Kiosk manufacturing cost if the main cost of starting an eyebrow business. It may cost you up to $20,000- $30,000 In USA kiosk Manufacturer,  It will cost you $18,000-$25,000 to build it in Australia. However, in Ant Display, same design, same quality, Same dimensions kiosk only cost $5000-$8000.

Kiosk shipping & Installation Cost.

Most Local Kiosk Manufacturers will offer you kiosk shipping and kiosk installation service, of course with extra cost. generally, it will cost about 35% of the total kiosk cost. Ant Display has a longterm cooperate Logistic company and the installation team will only cost 15%.

Inventory & Salary

After you installed the kiosk inside the shopping mall., the next step is to train workers and open your kiosk. Most of the eyebrow threading kiosks are not only offer threading service but also sell products to clients. So, you also have to prepare product inventory, if you have a good business, you will also have to rent a small warehouse from the shopping center. The inventory cost is mainly determined by the display showcase volume and daily sales. $5000 to $10,000 is enough for a small threading kiosk. 

Workers' salaries are usually paid weekly or monthly. You can calculate how many workers you are going to have and then get the salary cost.  

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