threading kiosk design

Eyebrow threading kiosk is one of the most popular businesses in the shopping mall. If you want to start a successful threading business, you need to have a beautiful attractive threading kiosk at least. To create a perfect threading kiosk, you should make an amazing kiosk design first. 

Mall used Eyebrow Threading Kiosk Design

Here we have a perfect eyebrow threading kiosk design for shopping mall, business center, or any indoor business environments. Threading businesses can operate in a community store, large downtown city center, or big business plaza. As long as there are females.  you will always have a business to do. 

Similar to a nail bar kiosk design, an eyebrow threading kiosk will require comfortable seating for customers. Most of the chairs are relined type. so that customers can easily lay down on the back to get the brow easily threading. What is different from a nail kiosk design is you also need equipment a brow kiosk with a mirror so that clients can see the effect during the threading procedure. 

3 Tips on Threading Kiosk Design In Mall

When you design an eyebrow treading kiosk,  you are not only considering attractive outside features but also need to think of the interior functions.  here 3 aspects you should aware of a professional threading kiosk design.eyebrow threading kiosk design

Spotlights Design

Lights are very important in threading kiosks, but only light up the kiosk space is far not enough.  Workers should clearly see the eyebrow on clients. So spotlights designed in a threading kiosk is necessary. You can use a bar hanging on top with track lights or use pylon where can show sport light directions to customer seating. If your shopping mall does not allow you to have those lights, you can use the blow design option, use bubble light around the mirror to light up the working space. 

Portable Sink Design

Many people will neglect the portable sink design inside a threading kiosk. In fact according to my experience. most of the shopping malls will require an eyebrow threading kiosk to apply a sink inside it for hygiene issues. You do not have to design large sinks. On the contrary, a very small portable mini sink is enough. With two tanks under to fit clean and wastewater. and place it in the corner of the mall kiosk. 

Waiting Chair Design

This is another place that most designers will forget. eyebrow threading kiosk is not like a food court or juice kiosk. it will always take a longer time to finish. So, if you have more customers who do not have a space to wait, she may leave for another kiosk. Or when friends come to do eyebrow threading. When one of them is having threading, others can have seat to rest. Therefore, a waiting bench design is necessary for a threading kiosk design. you can use an ottoman stool or 1.2-meter long bench according to your kiosk interior space. designers can also arrange the seating outside the kiosk to give a semi-privacy for inside clients. 

Free Eyebrow Threading Kiosk Design Service From Ant Display

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