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Reception Desk

A reception desk is a counter mainly used for reception and do cash, also supply consultation service,it as usually located in the front of offices.The reception desk is usually the first thing people see when they walk into your company or store. Regardless of whether it is a company office or a commercial institution, a hotel, a hospital, or a physical storefront, a reception desk is needed, which can provide guests with a clear place to consult information and make payments. And the reception desk is usually located in a conspicuous location on the storefront, so that customers can see it at first glance.It plays an very important role. If your office or store have a very attractive and suitable reception desk, can help leave good impression with your customers and visitors.In front of the reception desk, there is usually a part of the raised counter, which is conducive to interacting with customers, and at the same time can protect employees and work privacy. It can be used as a service desk, an information consultation office, a cashier office, and a registration area.

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Our company can provide a variety of reception desks, which can be adapted for different occasions and needs. Reception desks can be generally divided into L-shaped reception desks, U-shaped reception desks, linear reception desks, and curved reception desks according to their shapes. L-shaped reception desks and linear reception desks are usually the most widely used. Their shape is simple and practical, and they don't take up space. Those who pay more attention to practical functions can choose L-shaped and linear. U-shaped or circular is usually used in the middle of the hall or in a relatively open place. This design client can consult in different directions, giving a better experience. If you want to make your reception desk look more design, you can choose the curved reception desk, it will look more attractive.reception counter

Modern Reception Desk

Modern receptionist counters and desk are the most popular front desk that used in various locations. Whether you are looking for a front counter for your honey hotel or need a professional design front welcome desk for your office. Modern style reception counters always the best choice. It can not only give visitors a visual impaction but also level up the full business environment. 

Small Reception Desk

The small reception desk is widely used in different spaces. you may need a cute retail register counter for your fashion clothing store or need a unique cool front desk for your hair salon. You will always get your best mini reception desk in an ant display. 

Salon Reception Desk

Whether you are running a barbershop, hairdressing salon,  beauty bar or nail manicure salon. You will need a welcome desk in the front of your shop. Salon reception desk and counter are just the ideal counter to satisfy your special requirements. 

Curved Reception Desk

Lot's of Customers are persuing organic and aesthetic design style office furniture. Therefore, Curve shapes, wave styles, and arc design are the favorite choice. We have large quantity of unique style Curved reception counter, arc design front desks for your reference.

L Shaped Reception Desk

What's the most popular office front counter? The answers are L Shaped & U shaped reception desk, Which is also the most function reception desk style. It can fit in more receptionist staff and easily extend to a larger space. L shape and U shape are also traditional cubical style welcome counter that can be used in almost every business industry. 

White Reception Desk

The white color reception desk is the most popular reception desk color. The black color just go after it.  Whites always give a clean and tidy feeling so it can easily adapt to any reception area design. While the black color is more tricky, only industrial style and where need dark natural tone will choose it.  We also have various color reception counter to suit each unique style and brand culture. 

Hotel Reception Desk

Hotel & hospital is the very place that needs a reception desk. Not like other places, the Hotel must give customers a pleasant welcome environment. Therefore, the reception area is very important. A good reception desk and reception furniture can bring your much more benefit than simple ones.

What are the commonly used materials at the reception desk?

Before you buy a reception desk, you must want to know what materials it used. Here I want to introduce you to several materials always used in the reception desk.

Wooden reception desk:

The indoor reception desk usually will use wood as the main materials, the surface can finished by wood veneer, solid wood panels, laminate and paint.solid wood panels and wood veneer will look very natural and can give people a very vintage feeling. The laminate is very resistant to scratches, water stains, and heat also can do different colors,so also widely used. Painted surface different as other materials is its surface will be very glossy and smooth, suitable for some salon shop or phone stores. and painted reception desk can do any shape and modeling.

Solid surface reception desk

Solid surface means the desk surface used will be stone, which is very hard and durable, also looks more high-end. If you have enough budget you can choose this kind of material which can use longer. Such as the Corian reception counter. Hi-macs reception desk and man-made stone reception counters. 

Metal reception desk

Some reception desk will choose metal like iron or stainless steel to make. especially for some clubs and bars that need an industrial feeling counter. Metal and other heavy-duty materials are the most preferable options.

reception deskWhy choose Ant display to make your reception desk?

We have our own production factory and professional design team. The reception desk has a variety of styles and varieties, and the styles will be constantly updated. Newly designed styles will be regularly displayed on the website, so here we can find anything you want. The required style can meet various needs and budgets. If you want to customize your own style, just tell us the requirements and we can customize it for you. Since we have our own factory, we can provide you with the most favorable factory price. Our reception desk is in line with current trends. The materials used include the latest wood grain panels, recycled wood, various stained glass, and stones. We provide a variety of reception desks, an L-shaped reception desk, around the reception desk, a U-shaped, curved, or even small reception desk for your choice. The design style is from fashion to minimalism, from modern to retro, and there are high-end and luxurious styles for you to choose from. After all, the reception desk directly affects people's first impression of your company. In our company, you can choose the reception desk that suits you according to the company's needs and budget.

How To custom a reception desk from Ant Display?

  1. Negotiate with our designer and share with us your detailed requirements.
  2. Pay 300USD design fee which is refundable if you build the reception desk in our factory. Provide different views of 3D design and free revised service until you are satisfied with the effect.
  3. Make detailed construction drawing which includes all the materials, dimensions as well as electrical plans
  4. Get the drawing approved from the mall , assist the necessary change to apply for the drawing approval.
  5. Pay a deposit to start the manufacturing procedure of the reception desk.
  6. When it finished before shipping you arrange the balance