manicure table

Modern Manicure Desk with Led light & Nail Bar Station with Unique Design in Store for Sale

manicure table

Attractive Manicure Table for Nail Polish Display Counter in Retail Store

Best Selling Manicure Table & Nail Bar Counter with Led Light

Custom Manicure Table 

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Nail art is very common in our lives. Many people pay attention to the maintenance of their hands. Not only the hand skin, they also pay great attention to the maintenance of nails. Some people apply nail polish to make the whole hand look more beautiful. So in this popular nail art industry, how can you make yourself stand out?

There are Some Factors Considered

We all know that opening a nail shop requires a lot of things to prepare. For example, there are basically various colors of nail polish, primer, polish, nail polish remover, softener, and various nail tools, nail accessories, nail machines, and so on. There are also the decoration and furniture of the nail salon. For the salon furniture, the shop furniture include the nail bar counter. We need to order the good nail bar counter will make the nail shop more high-end.

Manicure Bar Station with Professional Design

The Manicure Bar Station we will use the MDF as a basic material. The surface we will use the white baking paint as a main material. And we use the white artificial as a counter top. The artificial make the whole nail bar station more attractive and high-end. And there are 3 holes on the table, in order to put the machine and the pipe. You can see there are two shelves on the counter top. The shelves can display the nail polish and can help customer to choose that she want. You can see the cabinet. The cabinet has to layers. For the fist layers, it has two Arc displays. Its more convenient and attractive. The cabinet door we can use the sticker, make the bar station more unique.

manicure table

More Details About the Nail Bar Counter

  • Material, MDF,
  • Size: 0.5x1.2m
  • Surface, baking paint, artificial stone
  • Color, white
  • Style , Modern design,
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel baseboard
  • There are some question from our customer

There are Some Question from Customer

Can i get a add my own logo, my own idea based on the nail bar counter?

Yes, we are custom company. We can customize the nail bar station according your requirements. You can tell us what color do you want. And what do you want to change or add your idea. The size is 1.2x0.5m,does it suit you? If not, you can tell me what size do you want, then we can add all of your requirements on the nail bar counter.

How long it will take to process the order?

The design time will take about 1-3working days, if you want to get new one. The production time will take about 15-18working days for one. The shipping time will take about 32days to the UK. And you can tell me which ports near to you, then we can help you check the time.

I have some question. Does your electric wire meet the UK standard?

Yes, we will use the UL wire line and it can meet the UK standard. And we also will use the UK socket. We have shipped many kiosks and the furniture to UK, obtain the approval from the mall.

How to keep the security?

We will use the EPE foam to pack the corner and the edges of the nail bar station. It can keep the nail bar station from damage and crash. Then we will use the file to fix the foam. For outside, we will use wood box to pack it. The main material is MDF.

If i decide to customize from you, may i know what price i can pay?

You know we are custom company, we can customize the nail bar station according your requirements. The price based on your design,size and material. Different craft the price is also different. But you do not worry, we are direct factory and provide the competitive price for you.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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