Modern style shopping mall hair salon display kiosk for sale

Modern style shopping mall hair salon display kiosk for sale

Shampoo Showcase | Exhibition Wig Display Furniture

Shampoo Showcase | Exhibition Wig Display Furniture

High quality gold & black style hair salon kiosk for sale

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Shopping mall kiosk is a kind of commercial furniture that I am very familiar with. It has a wide variety of styles. It is suitable for us to sell all products or operate all our businesses. The location of the mall is a very attractive place, and the cost of the kiosk is not high, so more people want to start their business in the mall. The barbershop is one of the most popular shops. For men, it is often necessary to get a haircut or shave. Women also take care of their hair from time to time, so hair salons are one of the most popular businesses.

In the mall, we can also develop our own haircut business. What we need is a cash register, a few mirrors, a few cabinets, and a few barber chairs to start working. In fact, the hairdressing kiosk is similar to the eyebrow threading kiosk, and the contents are basically the same. The barber cabinet I will introduce today is quite special. Its size is relatively small, and the materials are relatively advanced and beautiful. Many of them are made of golden electroplated stainless steel. This material decoration is very attractive and high-end if you want to make your kiosk look more advanced. You can add a bit of golden stainless steel for decoration.

Shopping mall gold kiosk details

Size: 3x2m / 9.8x6.5ft

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Black matte baking paint, gold stainless steel

Logo: Metal solid logo, gold stainless steel logo, sticker

Others: Yellow LED light, light strip, mirrors, 8mm tempered glass

Production time: About 28 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China

Kiosk Description

This kiosk has two openings, which are very attractive from the outside. There is a glass display cabinet on the outside to display our products, and a lightbox painting to put our posters, plus our logo, customers can clearly see what we do. There are a total of two seating areas. Due to the small size of this cabinet, we can receive two customers at a time. The two seating areas are on the mirrors at the corners, and we designed hooks and cameras on them according to customer requirements. Hooks can be used to hang our customers' products, and cameras can be used to protect our property. In addition to the work area, we can see a small cash register and wig display cabinet inside. In addition to the lightbox paintings, this kiosk also has two touch screens and two advertising machines, which are all added according to customer requirements. Our quotation above does not include this equipment.


After we confirm all the details, we can start production. Our kiosk is handmade and the quality is very high. We will install all light strips, logos, lightboxes, mirrors, and all accessories. If you need an advertising machine, we can help you buy it and install it on a kiosk. Our main material is medium density fiberboard, and the surface treatment is matte paint. Generally, there are bright paint and matte paint. You can decide which surface to choose. The use of shiny surfaces will be more. If you think the fingerprints of the shiny light will be obvious, we can also choose matte. Because we are an export company, our products are shipped all over the world. Different countries have different voltages. We will install a transformer in the cabinet. When you receive the goods, you can directly connect the main wire to your store.


Considering the transportation problem, our kiosks are made in several parts. This barber kiosk is divided into 7 parts. When you receive the goods, you can place them according to the position on the design drawing. There will be a wire at the bottom of each cabinet, you can connect them all, and finally, the remaining main wire can be connected to the mall. Then turn on the switch and it will work.  If you still don’t understand, we can send you an installation guide.


All our packing boxes are wooden boxes, very strong with foam boards inside to prevent our cabinets from being bumped. Of course, we will also pack the cabinet itself. The corners of our cabinet are made of pearl cotton, and the cabinet is wrapped with stretch film, so it is very safe. We will put a fragile label on the outer packing box. 


When the production of the kiosk is completed, we will arrange transportation. We can ship the goods to the port of your country or the address you specify. When the goods arrive at the port, someone will notify you in advance to pick up the goods. You can take the invoice and bill of lading we sent you to customs clearance and delivery. If you have no experience in this area, you may be able to find an agent to help you pick up the goods.

Ant Display

We are a custom company, if you need to change the size, color, and material, you can tell us. If you have a new idea of your own, you can also share it with us. Our designers will design your kiosk according to your ideas. After confirming the design, you can submit the design to your shopping mall for review. If the shopping mall has any changes, you can tell us. We will modify the kiosk until it passes. We look forward to cooperating with you.

More Information
Color golden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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