cosmetic display cabinet

Cosmetic shops provide beauty services to people and give them charming looks. With the fast development of society, people concentrate on their appearance. Most of them even go to the beauty salon regularly to keep a healthy skin position. It’s a very profitable thing to open a cosmetic store. We can provide skincare consultant services, sell skincare and makeup products, and even makeup services. Only good products and warn service can satisfy people. Besides, we have to pay more attention to the cosmetic shop decoration. Because the better store decoration attracts people and makes people remember you better.

Natural wood cosmetic shop design

The solid wood surface makes the cosmetic shop looks high-end and natural. Clients have easily related the products to a natural and healthy theme. Which is good to improve brand image. Not only for a wood surface, but we also add green color panels and plants to the furniture. It can highlight the natural and safe ingredients of cosmetics, and it can also make guests feel relaxed.

cosmetic shop furniture

Cosmetic store furniture introduction

Layout & size

This cosmetic shop furniture is designed for integrated business and chain stores. If you own a 200 square meter cosmetic shop, please don’t miss this design. It is 21m long and 9.5m with much separate room for different projects. Which can has more space for showcase items.

Glass window display

The glass window has green plants flooring with showcase tables. While outside has a large advertising wall for posters. When entering the cosmetic shop, we can see the black logo with light directly.

cosmetic display rack

Consulting counter

Behind the wall are a consultant room with tables and display shelves. People can sit down and ask for skincare problems. Behind the wall has display cabinets and shelves with the spotlight. Another size is the reception counter with a skincare products shelf. It has planted wall decoration and the back wall has a display shelf with lock cabinets.

Cosmetic display shelf

The inside room has also a cosmetic display shelf on the wall. It also has slat wall and wall display cabinets to reach a better showcase effect and place items in a good way. We usually make a bottom area with lock cabinets and drawers, in this case, the countertop can also use as a working place. Very useful design and many people like it.

Makeup table

Its total has 7 makeup counters in the cosmetic shop. This makeup counter has a mirror at the top and a working table to place the makeups. The bottom has space for legs and drawers at one side to put necessary items like a cotton pad, etc. The mirror has bubble light for brightness, we can also use LED light at the mirror.

cosmetic display counter

Display showcase

We can also add a glass display showcase in a room to display items in a good way. We can also add a glass display counter with a light lamp inside. Also, install the display cabinet with light shelves against the wall. Everyone likes the shop furniture changeable to keep a creative feeling. Different kinds of display cabinets, shelf, wall cabinets achieve it successfully.

Center display showcase

There are 2 double-side display cabinets with a stairs display counter on the top. Underneath the table is a light lamp and the bottom are many drawers for storage. Next to it is a black stand with samples. It also has a glass display shelf at the stand with triangle shelves. And close to it is a round shape display table with a metal frame. This cosmetic display counter has a different level of the table to show different kinds of products well.

Cashier counter with logo wall

It has a reception counter at the back wall inside the cosmetic shop furniture. This counter has a front side with green plant decoration. And some spotlight to highlight it for attractive. Behind it is lock cabinets and drawers for use. We design it double counter, the outside plate can place hand cream to increase sales. The black wall is a large brand logo image wall, we can also add brand logo on the shop furniture to leave a deep impression on people.

cosmetic shop furniture

Materials introduction:

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Wood veneer, solid wood, or laminate

Decorate material: Artificial plants, slat wall, metal shelving frame

Logo: Acrylic logo, stainless steel logo, etc.

Other materials: Stainless kicking, light lamp, spotlight, tempered glass, etc.