Men's Clothing Stores Fixtures

As the old saying goes, "A suit is the second face of a man." A suitable suit can not only show your taste and charm, especially on important occasions, it can also establish a good interpersonal relationship for you easily. So most people tailor a suit. Open a new suit store, the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere is more popular.


The Whole Store Style

Different store layouts have different effects. In the design and decoration of the store, we need to consider the types of clothing and the needs of major consumers to establish a new style. Suits and shoes are mainly displayed to people and attract their attention. The layout and interior design of this store perfectly interpret this feature. Therefore, sufficient display space and lighting are particularly important.

Men's Clothing Stores Fixtures Layout introduction

The color of the suit shop is mainly gray and brown, it is modern and practical. Some clothing racks are placed in the middle of the shop to display suits. In the upper left corner of the display shelf is the fitting room, which is the most important part of the clothing store. On the right is the seating area for people to rest and discuss the details of the suit with the shop assistants. On the left is a double-sided wall cabinet with a variety of shoes on one side and shirts on the other side. Since customers mainly make customized clothes, we can know from the pictures that this shop does not display many ready clothes. So when we design the whole store, choose warm light to make the store look better and unique.


Reception desk

The reception desk is mainly black and the material is marble, which looks very advanced. The reception desk is L-shape, there are multiple drawers and storage cabinets on the counter inside, which is very convenient to use at work. On the back wall is a poster, attracting people’s attention. On the bottom is stainless steel skirting to protect it from friction.

Men's Clothing Stores Fixtures Celling and wall decoration

The ceiling is pure white, with chandeliers and spotlights installed. The chandeliers have different shapes and are very beautiful. Spotlights are installed in every corner of the shop to increase the brightness of the shop and adjust the atmosphere. For the wall sides, posters and logos are mainly placed on the wall. Different suit posters and luminous logos show your brand and services.


Color layout

The walls of the shop are dark gray, the floor is light gray with stripes, the ceiling is pure white, and the furniture is bright dark brown. Although the color of the whole shop is relatively simple, it looks very advanced. When we are doing shop design, we will also pay attention to the color matching of the shop. Match the corresponding colors according to different spaces to make the store layout more rational.


Custom display furniture

Place different types of display furniture in different locations. Double-sided and single-sided display cabinets, suit display racks, etc. There is a high wall cabinet beside the double-sided display cabinet, and in another rest area, there are a few small tables, and some photo albums and plants are placed on the countertop to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. We are a custom factory, we can customize furniture according to your needs, including any color and shape. You need to tell us your requirements, we will make a new design for you to see the effect and make confirmation.

Men's Clothing Stores Fixtures

Contact us and start a new men's suit store design

1.Tell us your requirements, such as the type of furniture, the style of the entire store, logo, etc., and send us the floor plan of the store, our designer will know the exact size of the store to make the whole layout.

2.Confirm the 3D design. We will send the design for confirmation within 3-4 workdays. If you have a new idea, you can tell us and we can make changes base on your ideas. To ensure the design is beautiful and perfect.

3.Arrange the production. After you confirm the final design, we will make a detailed quotation for you. you pay a 50% order deposit then we make a construction drawing to let you check everything is good. After getting your approval, we will arrange production and order tracking.