Mask retail display kiosk | unique masks showcase for sale

Mask retail display kiosk | unique masks showcase for sale

hats display kiosk

Amazing hats display kiosk cups display cabinet design with nice led lights used in mall

Australia Clothing Kiosk for T-Shirt Kiosk & Hat Display Counter in Retail Store for Sale

Custom Mall Kiosk is Available

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Hello everyone, i will introduce the clothing kiosk to you today. Selling the t-shirt will be a good market. Because the women will have many sets clothing in the cabinet. When they are shopping in the mall, if they focus on the one clothing, they will buy it. So when you decide to sell the clothing, you just need to find a the good resource, and stock beautiful and fashion clothes. Because fashion clothes will be more attractive.

Custom T-shirt Kiosk is Available

The clothing kiosk we use the wood color. We all know that the wood color will be classical and looks better. There are 7 display stand, usually to storage the clothing. There are 4 clothing rack to display the beautiful dress, t-shirt, jack, pants and so on. We add the top on the kiosk, because the top make the whole kiosk more attractive. In order to make the good effect, we add the light on the top. Then it will clothing more bright.

What will you do if you want to open the clothing kiosk?

Firstly, you need to find a place in the shopping mall, the good place will be more attractive and help you catch more attention.

Second, you need to find a manufacture to build the good clothing kiosk for you to ell the clothing in the mall, after you get the place in the mall.

Third, you can tell us your requirements. Then we will show your needs on the design, you can see the effect. After you satisfy the design, we will do the construction drawings for you. Then you can take these to the mall for the approval.after we get the approval, then we will start to produce it.

Fourth, before we produce it, please arrange the 50% production deposit. During production, we will take the photos and videos in time for you.

Fifth, after finishing the kiosk, please arrange the rest balance.

There are some information maybe you want to learn

For the time: the first design time will take 3-5working days, but we suggest that you can reserve more time to do the design and get the approval from the mall. The production time will take about 22-25working days. The transportation time will depends on your country.

For the Package: We use the foam and wood box for packing the kiosk. Its really strong and can prevent the kiosk from damage.

For the Security: if we help you ship it, we will help you buy the insurance from the shipping company. If there are any damages during the shipping, we will help you ask for the compensation from the shipping company.

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood
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