High-Quality Perfume Shop Decoration Design

Different scented perfumes are suitable for different occasions, such as business meetings, family, and friends gatherings need different perfumes, which can reflect a person's taste and charm. Nowadays, perfume is no longer a single product. People can choose different styles of perfume according to their needs. If you are looking for a perfume shop design, you have come to the right place. Below is one of the designs of our perfume store, let's see more details.


Store theme

Perfume is always a symbol of fashion and luxury. Since the customer’s shop is rectangular, we don’t have a lot of decorations on the wall. The customer wants a modern and fashionable shop, so we provide display cabinets and counters of different shapes. The floor is designed in gold, and the ceiling is chandeliers and spotlights. The overall shop looks stylish and practical.


High-Quality Perfume Shop Decoration Design

Perfume shop layout description

This shop is located on the street, using glass doors, which allows people to see the layout, products and attract people's attention from the outside. Both wall sides are mainly wall cabinets to put perfume products. The reception desk can be placed in the innermost part of the store, when people interested in your products, you can make the good introduction and show your services. This wall cabinet is mainly blue and gold. looks very beautiful. The upper part is the main display space. The light strips are added inside to highlight the product features. And the bottom part is the storage cabinet to store more products.

In the middle of the shop, there are display cabinets of different shapes where you can put some promotional products. The walls inside are blue and fixed some wall racks to display more perfumes. Let us notice that the luxury style chandelier and some spotlights are used on the ceiling, and the light is white, not only increase the brightness of the store but also make the store look more unique.


Customized cabinet style

Usually, the colors of perfume cabinets are black, white, red, gold, etc. Different colors have different effects. Bright colors will easily get people's attention, and dark colors look more advanced. It's all up to you, you can tell us your requirements, we can customize it for you. The color matching of the furniture in this perfume shop is very reasonable and beautiful, which has brought many new customers to this shop.

High-Quality Perfume Shop Decoration Design

High-Quality Perfume Shop Decoration Design

You may want to know these questions:


1.This is my first time opening a perfume shop. I'm not sure about the style of the shop. Can you help?

Yes, we can. Our company has an excellent design team, you can tell us what type of display cabinet you want and some requirements, our designer will make a whole store layout according to your store floor plan, logo, etc. You can tell us what color you like so we can determine the shop style, it's very simple.


2.What's the price?

Our price depends on size, material, quantity, and style. If you have found your favorite style, we can give you an approximate price for reference. And we will know the exact price after you confirm the final design.


3.What is the production time?

There are 3 stages of time, including design time, production time, and transportation time. Usually, the design is 2-3 working days, the production time is 18-25 working days, and the shipping time is about one month. We suggest leaving 3 months in advance to complete this project, so the time is sufficient.



Now that the perfume industry is highly competitive, a unique perfume shop design is necessary. People often like to attract beautiful and unique things. We can provide design services. Our design team will make design plans according to your requirements. All store layouts, circuits, and lights in the store can be shown to you through design. We will meet your various requirements, such as designing, tracking the production process, quality inspection, and delivery, etc. If you cooperate with us, a perfect project will be easily completed.