hair salon design, barber shop design

In the daily life, the hair care is also important for people, especially with the trend of the hair beauty and the stress of people, they lose more and more hair, people need to make the hair beautiful and keep them healthy too. There are many hair salon shops in the market with many styles. To make a suitable and good design is the most important for the shop. People pay attention to the skills of the barber, but also pay attention to the shop interior design style. Our Anti Display Limited not only can offer you the design but also can produce the relevant customization shop furniture to you.

Description of front part design

This one barber salon shop design style is very classic and modern. The main hue is the black and gray. The space of the shop is very big so the and fulled with the design. The wall decoration is the gray bricks.

Reception desk part

The material of the reception desk is solid wood, and the countertop is the man made stone. The man made stone looks very high-end and easy to clean. This area is for the staff to serve the customers and receive the payment from them, it is the reception desk part. At the back wall, there is one round luminous sign with the logo on it, which is to show to customers.

There is one reception table made of the solid wood, which is the same as reception desk. One special metal trumpet decoration and some hair beauty books on the table for customers to have a look and choose the style they like. About the right wall, the gray sofa against the wall to sit. There are the shelves at the wall to put some hair dye, shampoo, towels and so on, which is very convenient and a good display.

Barber area

The main part of the shop is the barber area. The barber counters take good use of all space, because every one table with two big mirrors and offers two stations with chairs. There are enough space of the shop to serve many customers. About the barber tables, there are two drawers to storage something too and some hair care products on the tables. About the chairs, which can be adjusted the height. Besides, there are some barber counters against the wall for customers.

Description of back part design

There is one metal frame installing to partition from the front part and the back part. About the back part, there is also one tables with two different colors chairs for customers too. And one cabinets with different shelves are Embedded in the wall, which can be display something and also can be a decoration of the shop too. In addition, the green plants are put in the shop to display too, which makes the shop more full of vigor and offers the oxygen, and is good for the fresh air in the barber shop.

At the back of the reception desk area wall, it is a washing hairs area for customers. There are the machines and with chairs. In addition, one metal frame is designed here to partition from another area too.

Wall decoration

The normal wall decoration of the hair salon shop is the hair style posters. For this shop, many special hair styles pictures in the photo frame on the wall to display to customers, which can attract the customers. And to show the feature of the barber shop. Besides, there are still some different decorations on the wall too to make the shop design much nice.

About the design

The design we offer including the 3D design effect, floor plan and technology drawing. The design fee will depend on your store size, but most important is that we can return the design fee to you when we have a good cooperation. In addition, the initial design base on your requirements and the style you like, or we design one new style. And the design can be modified for you when you have the suggestions or some new ideas. Our aim is to offer you the nice design and get a good cooperation with you.

About Anti Display Limited

Our Anti Display Limited is a professional furniture factory with a professional design team and excellent skilled workers to produce the customization furniture, commercial kiosk, carts and shop design for you. Our business is the export and with over 10 years experience, we can offer the most competitive price and high quality goods. Anti Display Limited offer the service for many industries, such as food, jewelry, electronic goods, salon, cosmetic, glasses etc.

Please contact us in time when you are interested in any type design or have some questions. We are willing to learn about your needs and help you.