In recent years, the lighting industry has developed rapidly, which is a very good project for investors who want to open a lighting shop. Are you going to open a lighting store but no idea how to start? On Ant Display you can get some ideas about the interior design of the lighting shop. Here we will share with you some tips for opening a lighting store as following.


Lighting store layout

The layout of the lighting store refers to the overall layout of the lighting store, including two parts: space layout and showcase layout.


①Space layout


The space composition of each lighting shop is different, the size of the area, and the state of the shape vary greatly. However, no matter how complicated the structure of any shop, it is generally composed of three basic spaces. Basic space is the commodity space such as counters, showcases, and shelves, display stands, etc. The second is the staff space and the third is the customer space.


②Showcase layout

We need to make the display showcase to fit the whole lighting store. On the two sides of the wall there are the display showcases and the middle has three display shelves attached to the pillars. It has a long cashier counter with 4 computers.

Lighting shop display showcase


Lighting store decoration


①Ceiling design


The ceiling can create the beauty of the lighting store, and it also cooperates with the space design and lighting to form a beautiful shopping environment. The ceiling of this lighting shop, it let the whole lighting store looks bright and attractive. Therefore, its decoration is very important. When designing the ceiling, consider the material, color, and height of the ceiling, especially the color of the ceiling. The ceiling should have a modern feel, express personal charm, pay attention to the overall collocation.


②Wall design


Mainly include the choice of wall decoration materials and colors and the use of wall surfaces. The wall design of the lighting store should be coordinated with the color content of the displayed goods, and adapted to the environment and image of the lighting store. Generally, display cabinets can be erected on the wall, display stands can be installed, some simple equipment can be installed, part of the lights can be placed, and it can also be used as a merchandise display stand or decoration.

Lighting shop

③Floor design

There are mainly floor decoration materials and their color choices, as well as floor graphic design. Lighting stores should choose graphics according to different types of lamps. But the floor of this lighting shop is a pure white tile floor. The floor of the lighting store suggests to make in your local.


④Display showcase design


The display showcase design needs to matches the whole lighting store style. Usually, for the display showcase of the lighting shop, we make it square shape with a simple design. However, the irregularly shaped display shelves will change its dull and monotonous image, adding lively line changes, and make the lighting store show the meaning of curve. Special-shaped display cabinets include triangles, trapezoids, semicircles, and polygons.


Atmosphere design in a lighting store


When customers walk into the store, they only see the decoration in the store, and may not have the urge to buy. In order to make customers buy impulse, the store must have a store atmosphere. Especially in lighting stores, because customers have time to stay in the store, during this time, the store can shape the atmosphere of the lighting store through the color, lights and music etc., so that customers who just want to see have a desire to buy.

Lighting shop furnitureCashier deskDisplay stand for lighting store