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Perfume becomes more and more popular among young people, as the perfume can make us smells good and become more charming. And people use perfumes in different occasions, therefore, it a good idea to open a perfume kiosk in the mall center. Because opening a perfume shop in a mall requires less capital. Since everyone prefers to buy products in the mall, we are able to win more customers. Here is a customized perfume cabinet introduce to you. Hope it will help your business.

Retail perfume kiosk in the mall center

As we can seen in the design picture, this perfume kiosk has a simple design but looks beautiful. It covers a 3m×3m area. The basic tone of the perfume kiosk is gold with light. It has speare two parts, one side has a stand diplay cabinet with two single glass showcwase at both ends; the other side has a large glass display counter, a cachier counter with high stand in the middle and a working table seats in the end. We can put our brand name and logo in the high stand. And insert a TV to the stand display cabinet to play video advertise and attracts more clients. The whole perfume shop with LED light strip to high light the products. , Do you like the design?

If you like this perfume kisok decoration, please feel free to let us know. We can add your own brand logo to the kiosk and show you the effect. When we production your own perfume shop, we should follow on your own shop size, color and other requirements. And we should also know the mall rule before open and even send the design drwing to get the mall approval. Our main purpose is to give you the most suitable kiosk serve for your business. Thank you for reading

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Color orange
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, solid wood, stainless steel, etc.
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