Did you know that you can increase concentration and productivity in the workplace by simply using office space design techniques?

Today, the entire enterprise is committed to making your business more efficient by rearranging and remodelling office space so that workers can increase productivity and vitality. There are many ways to use design to increase focus and productivity in the workplace. Here are five great ways:


1. Office building decoration-lighting

One study after another shows that people should be exposed to natural sunlight during the day. Usually, exposure under intense light (especially under natural light) can make our mind and body more alert and active, increasing productivity and focusing on the workplace.

Nowadays, more and more companies use valuable corner space and walls with windows for cubicle workers instead of executives who rarely work in their own offices anyway. If this is not possible in your office, consider adding skylights. Adding natural light instead of fluorescent lights can make a big difference in focus and productivity in the workplace.

2. Office decoration partition wall-tear down the wall

Traditional office spaces use high-walled cubicles. and is a problem for several reasons.

Workers feel isolated and helpless; if they feel that they are part of the community, they will be more efficient at work.

The conversation is louder; workers must raise their voices to talk between cubicles.

Installing transparent glass walls between the cubicles is a good solution, but many offices have also begun to lower the cubicles' walls to create a more open community atmosphere.

3. Conference room decoration design-including space for groups and team meetings

At least some collaboration will likely be required in your office environment. Unfortunately, many poorly designed offices do not leave room for this. The best worker might get a reception table in the middle of several bedrooms. However, this can be a massive problem because group meetings can distract nearby workers. Other offices make it difficult for groups and teams to hold informal meetings because they have very little meeting space to book in advance.

One design idea to solve these two problems is to build several small meeting spaces on the edge of the office. The soundproof glass wall keeps them open. The room does not need to be large-only enough to accommodate five or six people for impromptu meetings. Soundproof walls prevent other staff from being distracted, and several small rooms are available for groups to gather when needed.


4. With a well-designed-office lounge decoration design

When your workers go to the break room, they should take a break and relax. Too many lounges are more industrial and frustrating than actual office buildings!

Provide the lounge with all the necessities, such as a refrigerator and microwave, and add some home-like extras, such as several comfortable sofas, a bar height table for small lunch groups, and relaxing decorations.

5. Organization Selection

The last way to increase focus and productivity in the office reception counter workplace is to make it easier for workers to stay organized. By including several shelving units and drawers in each compartment, this can be done at the compartment level so that workers can organize them according to their wishes. It can also work at the whole office level by providing necessary documents and other documents to all workers who may need them.

Use company cards to fund renovations

For small businesses, funding for reshaping may be difficult, but it does help increase its overall productivity. Instead of applying for a separate commercial loan, it is better to apply for a commercial credit card. You can make changes little by little, charge the card, and then proceed to the next step. Just make sure to plan your retrofit steps and spend carefully. A business credit card can help you reach your destination faster.

For your employees and bottom line, remodelling the office may be one of the best options. These simple design techniques can increase the productivity of your business and individual workers.