In modern society, the right office furniture conforms to the ergonomic design and has high safety. It has a good sense of use, and the home-style hue wants to be harmonious, so it is very beneficial to improve people's office efficiency. But office furniture used for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be some small damage caused by bumps and bumps, which makes people look uncomfortable and even affect the use effect. So how to maintain office furniture? First of all, we start to understand some purchasing knowledge.


How to choose office furniture?

Before purchase, you should measure the space size of the office accurately. Then, according to the company's corporate culture, operation methods, and development needs, the indoor plane layout should be conceived to make the office furniture consistent with the office area and height of the office to prevent the office furniture from failing to meet the actual needs.

We should pay attention to the fact that office furniture is not a general consumable. We should adhere to the principle of "prefer shortage to overuse" when purchasing. We do not want to cram the office full at one time. We should choose according to the actual needs in use. Generally speaking, the area of office furniture should not exceed 50% of the office area.

Three 、 Purchase office furniture must be strong and durable. For pure solid wood office furniture, we should pay special attention to the wood drying degree. It is better to choose a tenon mortise structure instead of a nail gun assembly. Office furniture should be simple, and the floor should be smooth, all kinds of hardware components should be stable, doors and drawers can open freely and smoothly. The appearance must be smooth for leather office furniture, no bubble, no crack, tight joint.

The style, style, and color of all kinds of office furniture in the same office should be consistent and harmonious, and there can be some style changes in detail.

Maintenance skills of office furniture

The maintenance methods of different types of office furniture are quite different. Different maintenance methods are adopted for different furniture types so that your office furniture can keep clean, fresh, and durable.

Steel furniture

durable and robust steel furniture is the most common in large and small offices, especially display cabinets and other furniture, an indispensable storage tool in the office. Steel office furniture is particularly essential for the maintenance of its exterior parts. Use A soft cloth for daily maintenance, and avoid rough, organic solvent or wet cloth to wipe, to prevent the scar and rust on the furniture's surface.

Solid wood furniture

solid wood office furniture for office desk, office chair, tea table, etc. When cleaning this kind of furniture, we should avoid using sharp tools to scratch the surface. For stubborn stains, do not use a wire brush or stiff brush. We should use a soft cloth dipped in strong detergent to wipe. Please Pay attention to avoid being placed in direct sunlight as far as possible, which will make the paint on its surface oxidize quickly, causing the furniture to look old and lose color quickly. When moving this kind of office furniture, you should also be careful to avoid bumping and damaging its paint surface or causing scars.

Fabric office furniture 

We usually display Fabric office furniture in the reception room of some enterprises and companies. or in front of reception desks. The fabrics used in this office furniture are soft and comfortable, easy to be dirty and damaged. Pay Particular Attention to the cleanliness of such furniture during maintenance. For the products made of imported fabrics, which are dustproof and antifouling treatment, you only need to wipe them with a clean wet towel. It is best to send to a professional cleaning shop for cleaning for those incredibly easy to dirty and perishable products, which can prevent deformation and prolong its service life.

Electroplated and sandblasted glass

this kind of office furniture is mostly tea table, chair, and other staff lounge products. The surface of the furniture is bright, and it is easy to see the fingerprints and stains and affect the beauty of the product surface coating. This kind of product maintenance is relatively convenient. When cleaning, only need to use a dry cloth to wipe gently can be bright as new. But when moving this kind of furniture, we must pay attention not to grasp the glass tabletop to move, to avoid the furniture structure loosening. Once this situation occurs, it is necessary to fasten the furniture connector in time or ask professionals for maintenance.

office bench desk

Panel office furniture

The floor where we place the panel office furniture must be flat to balance the four table legs on the ground. If the uneven ground leads to the imbalance of office furniture, don't pad the furniture legs with wood or iron sheets. Even if the balance is maintained, it will be hard for panel office furniture's internal structure to keep long. The best way to compensate is to trim the ground or use a little more extensive area of rigid rubber board to lay on the ground so that the four legs of panel furniture can land on the ground smoothly. When cleaning the dust on panel office furniture, it is better to use pure cotton knitted cloth. After painting, the treatment of panel furniture, do not use gasoline or organic solvent wipe. Use colorless furniture polish wax wipe, enhance luster, and reduce dust. We should place the board panel office furniture should not be placed in the direct sunlight, often lead to furniture paint film fading, metal parts easy to oxidize and deteriorate, wood is easy to brittle.

Proper maintenance of office furniture has a significant influence on people's keeping a good mood and improving work efficiency. Let's master the basic maintenance knowledge to maintain the right office environment.