Today, we will share some tips for the operation of optical shops. Whether you are an optical shop owner who has already opened a shop or an entrepreneur who wants to open an optical shop, we can discuss and learn together. As we all know, opening an optical shop is only the first step. How to make an optical shop bigger and better is what everyone wants and is difficult. Now let’s take a look at the tips and ideas that can make the optical shop business better.


A good optical store design

A good-looking optical shop for sure can attract more customers. So, now so many decoration companies usually launch a variety of decoration schemes for the optical shop. They make a great effort in order to work out the best optical store design. If you want to stand out from the peer opticians, first of all, the decoration can not be too simple, lighting, color, ceiling, layout and so on. The optical shop needs to be carefully designed, which requires designers to have a higher level. 

Through decoration, it is necessary to let the eyeglasses store have characteristics, new ideas and taste. So that the initial impression of customers is good, even if it is not a brand store, it can also make people feel normal. After entering the store, various decoration collocation makes people feel comfortable and natural. They are willing to stay longer, even if they do not make a deal.

Optical store display furniture

Optical store layout

Here we go for the details of this optical store design. The whole shop size is around 30 square meters. The optical store has the shelf display on the wall, 6 units of the wall display cabinets and 8 units of the middle display stands and the top ceiling.


Wall shelf display

On the wall, it has some pieces of the display shelves that can display some small products or as a decoration.


Wall display cabinet

It has 6 units of wall display cabinets against the wall. The material is a black color metal frame with wooden material display shelves. The middle is the eyewear display and the bottom for the glass display with a storage area.

Optical shop layout

Middle display stand

For the middle of the optical store, there are 8 units of eyeglasses display stands. The middle display stand has mirrors so that the customer can see the effect when they wear the eyewear. And on the middle display stand, we can put the logo on it if you want.


The top ceiling

The top ceiling matches well for this optical store. And on the ceiling we add some spotlights then it can light up the whole optical shop.


The material details:

For the material of this optical store, we will use a metal frame and laminate finish. Our quality is durable and fireproof, it can suitable for all types of optical stores. The useful life of our display showcase can last 5-10 years under standard use.



To operate a successful optical store not only need a good shop design but also good quality products. But to make a wonderful optical store is the first step and the most important. Ant Display can make a customize optical shop for you exactly what you want and send the detailed construction drawing for you. Our sales team and design team will work together with you to help you to get approval from the landlord.