Nowadays, there are more and more people with myopia, and more and more students, young people are beginning to wear glasses, and more and more old people are wearing glasses. For nearsighted people, glasses have become an indispensable thing for them. This is why there are more and more optical shops. The decoration of the optical shop is very important. The stylish and modern decoration is very suitable for the display of glasses, and the furniture in the optical shop should be neatly arranged, focusing on functionality

Elements of Store Design

Facade Design

The appearance of the facade basically determines your style positioning. The choice of Logo font also requires attention. The color and font of the LOGO must match the color of the facade. The overall design of the facade needs to be designed according to the brand.

Cash Register Design

The cashier is a place where customers have more contact, so the cashier must be creative. The size of the cash register needs to be appropriate. The color of the cash register should also be combined or echoed with the color of the storefront wall and door. The cash register should be placed in a position that does not occupy the display area, and it must be close to the fitting room, which is convenient and space-saving.

Setting of Rest Area

For an optical shop, it is better to have a rest area, which is convenient for customers or their friends to wait. The resting place needs to have a wide view and not be too crowded. There can be a drinking fountain, several magazines, or our brochures and store promotional materials next to it.

Refraction Area

Optometry is essential for opening an optical shop. The optometry room is to provide a professional optometry area. With an independent optometry room and a professional optometry, the optician can clearly understand his vision and choose the right glasses. When decorating and designing the optometry room, the length is generally between 3 meters and 2 meters in width. The height of the installed eye chart should be such that the mirror reflects the entire image of the eye chart when the patient’s eyes look forward. The optometry room generally does not need to be decorated too much. Just keep the room clean and tidy.

Processing Room

The processing room is an independent optician area for opticians, and a complete pair of glasses is born here. When decorating and designing the processing room, you only need to make some processing tables for edging equipment. But we should pay attention to the height of not more than 80 cm, and reserve 3 to 5 more sockets above the counter.

Here is Optical Shop Design:

You can see this shop in color use mainly used black color matched dark grey wood color. In middle of the shop are tables with chairs, for customers to sit and try glasses here.The left and right side wall are tall display cabinet, on top are glass shelves to display glasses, on bottom comes with many drawers for storage.Top of the display has nice led posters for advertising.This whole shop in decoration is modern and simple style.Added nice lights, looks very nice.

How to Start?

Many customers are interested in opening an optical shop but don’t know how to start.In fact firstly you need discuss with your landlord to confirm the shop rent. Then we need do is start the shop design progress. Because only through design you can see how your shop looks like, how inside decoration and furniture style as your needs. Then landlord also need you submit the shop design plan for approval, so a whole set professional design file is necessary. We can do for you. So you just need tell us your needs, shop size, want what kind style and color, how to layout, we will create 3D design for your whole shop.