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Wooden display cabinets look safer and gentler than solid color display cabinets. Many customers choose wooden furniture when purchasing furniture. Wooden furniture is widely used in stores like I Phone or Huawei. Today I want to introduce a small store selling mobile phone accessories.

Cellphone Accessories Shop Details

It is U shape and very small. So we can only design some wall cabinets. The wall cabinet occupies a small width, which is the most suitable furniture for small stores. Even if we fill up the wall, it will feel very crowded. For the store, the cash register is essential, so we can also place a small cash register. Wall cabinets and cash desks, these two types of furniture are the types of furniture in this store.

Wall Cabinet Type

Wall cabinets generally refer to tall cabinets, with a length of 0.9-1.5m, a width of 0.3-0.5m, and a height of 1.8-2.4m. They also have many ways to display. For mobile phone accessories, there are solid laminate displays, glass laminate displays, bevel displays,s and slat wall displays. This store uses a solid laminates cabinet and Slatwall cabinet to display. They can display mobile phone cases, data cables, or earphones.

phone case shop design

Wall Cabinet Decoration

The wall cabinets are decorated with lightbox paintings, advertising machines, and stickers. The lightbox painting can be put on the poster of the product or content we want to show, it can be illuminated. In addition to displaying pictures, the advertising machine can also play videos. The content of the sticker is the same as the lightbox painting, but it without light.

small phone accessories shop display

Reception Desk

The front desk has many styles, and it is generally used to place a computer or cash register. Its color and style are the same as other display cabinets in the store. If we want more display space, we can change the front of the cash register to a glass display. 

small phone store with reception counter

Cellphone Shop Furniture Type

When we design a store, we must first consider the size of the store. Then decide which display cabinet to use. Like the mobile phone store above, it can only use tall cabinets against the wall. Because its width is very small. Using the island cabinet will take up a lot of space, and the display surface of the island cabinet is not as large as the wall cabinet. Therefore, before buying furniture, we need to make a design, a plan, so that we can buy the most suitable furniture for our shop.

retail cash counter with display showcase

Choice Of Furniture

The second thing to consider is the choice of furniture. This generally depends on the customer. As I said before, there are many types of wall cabinets, and we can choose the one that suits us. Some walls have cabinets, some do not. If we need storage space, we can choose furniture with lockers.

About US

We are a furniture custom company. We have a professional design team and factory, they can help me make the plan of the furniture layout and style in the store. We can make 3D drawings, it is very clear and convenient. We are free to choose the colors and styles we want. Because all furniture is a customizable door, regardless of color, material, size, etc. We can also arrange suitable furniture according to the shape and size of the store. When we receive the furniture, they can match with our shop very well.