bakery kiosk

Bakery Kiosk for Bread Display Counter for Food Kiosk with Unique Design for Sale

bakery kiosk

Fashion Bakery Kiosk & Bread Display Counter with Professional Design for Sale

Amazing new designed bakery display booth frozen yogurt counter design used in mall

1.this kiosk look is very fantastic and eye-catching you can see ,it can help attract customers
2.this kiosk accept customize, can customize as your needs and size 

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Do you love frozen yogurt?as we know frozen yogurt is very good for health.It helps the human body to digest, strengthen the body's immunity, help improve the body's intestinal function, and is rich in nutrients and protein, which is beneficial to human health.So yogurt was used to make food and many you also like frozen yogurt?


Here today I want to share you a nice amazing frozen yogurt booth design:

Let’s see it together:


You can see this kiosk is very fancy.It mainly used nice green color matched bright pink, countertop used white stone. The kiosk surface added many fantastic bubble dots,looks very nice.It front is a curved bar counter for cash and selling.The left side is a topping bar, right side are sinks.It ceiling comes with logo and menus,do you like this kind design idea?


How should i start if i want to do a frozen yogurt business?

For many customers who are new start will feel confused about how to start.Here i want to share some my opinion:

Firstly you can discuss with mall and meet mall management to get a location

Second, after get location, you need find a customized supplier to help you design and create the yogurt kiosk. Before design, you need think about your needs, you need tell the supplier you want what kind color, what kind style, how to layout etc, then they can follow your needs and size to create a model for you see effect.

Third, you can submit the design plan to mall for approval

Fourth,after get approval then we can confirm order,you can arrange us 50% deposit for production,then after production finished,before ship you arrange rest balance

Finally,after production finished,then we can arrange ship the yogurt kiosk to you


For more detailed about the frozen yogurt kiosk, you can see below:

  • Size:5m by 3m
  • Material:MDF with green,pink paint finish,white stone countertop
  • Surface:green,pink paint finish
  • Color:white and pink
  • Style:functional and eye-catching
  • Hardware: stainless steel handle,locks
  • Others:logos,led lights,led menus
  • Production time:22 work days
  • Payment terms:50% deposit before production,50% balance when production finished before shipping


If you are interested in opening a frozen yogurt kiosk and want more details, just feel free to contact us.









More Information
Color green
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF with paint
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