Botswana small size bread kiosk | custom mall attractive cake booth for sale

Botswana small size bread kiosk | custom mall attractive cake booth for sale


Modern Design for Bakery Kiosk & Bread Display Counter for Food Kiosk Design

Luxurious design for mall cake kiosk | coffee tea retail counter for sale

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We want to make our kiosk the best, and we can choose to work hard on its design. An attractive kiosk can always bring us many customers. Shopping mall kiosk is very common, we can sell all kinds of snacks. In shopping malls, our products can get a lot of exposure, and our brand can also deepen the impression of customers. So the mall kiosk is very popular. If you already have a place in the mall, you can contact us. Because of the design, review, production, and transportation will take more than two months, we need to prepare in advance.

High-quality mall bread display kiosk

The kiosk I showed above is 5x3m. According to customer design requirements, its material will be a little more complicated. The basic material is plywood, and the surface finish is golden stainless steel. There are seating areas on both sides and back, and each seating area has installation sockets and USB ports. The main products of this cabinet are cakes and coffee, of course, we can also sell other snacks or drinks. In front of the kiosk are two cake display cabinets. The customer provides us with the size, and we will reserve a suitable place for them according to the size of the customer’s machine. Next to the cake cabinet is the cash register. The internal counter of the kiosk is the working area. Our machine can be placed here, and the back wall is two advertising machines, which can display our menu and product types or promotional videos. Of course, if you need it, we can install a sink and water system. There are also two advertising machines on the wall of the seating area behind the kiosk. They can play our brand's videos for promotion or some entertainment videos. The leather backrest and cushion provide customers with a comfortable dining environment. We can install a logo and chandelier on the top. What do you think about this cake kiosk design? It is attractive and looks luxurious.

We are a professional mall kiosk manufacturer. If you want to make a unique kiosk, please tell us what size kiosk you need and what you sell. If you have a kiosk-style you like, you can also send it to us. And send us your logo, then we will make a kiosk design to you. You can send the design to your mall for review. If they have any comments, we can modify the design until it gets approval. Then we can start the kiosk production and ship it to your country. You can get everything you want here, we can help you solve the problems you don’t understand.

  1. Design: Contact us and tell us your requirements. Then we will design the kiosk for you. Our design deposit is 300USD. When we place an order, it will be returned to you. The design time is 2-3 working days.
  2. Production time: When confirming the design, we will start production, the production time is 22-28 working days.
  3. Transportation: When finishing the goods, we can ship the goods to your port. The shipping fee and time are based on your nearest port.
  4. Payment term: 50% order deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment. We support TT bank transfer, Western Union, and Alibaba.
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Color golden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, Laminate
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