In daily life, we often have such things: where is my clothes? Where are my socks? It's clearly sorted out here. How can't I find it. The culprit is the unreasonable design of the wardrobe. So, how to design the wardrobe is reasonable?

Part1: wardrobe structure

The structure of a straight wardrobe

wardrobe size

First of all, the combination of the board type wardrobe is the top (bottom) plate covered by the side plate, and the connection between the side plate and the top (bottom) plate is connected by three in one and wood tips. There are foot lines in the front and back of the wardrobe, and the foot line-height is 70mm.

Secondly, the wardrobe should be equipped with a door. If there is no top cabinet, an 18mm thick 180mm wide upper pad should be added on the top of the top plate to install the upper guide rail of the door. In addition, an 18mm thick 110mm wide bottom plate should be added to install the lower guide rail of the door.

Finally, for the sideboard of the wardrobe and cloakroom, the top (bottom) board is 490mm deep, and the back cover groove is 15mm, and the groove width is 6 * 6mm. The depth of the laminate is 475mm. For the side plate, the top (bottom) plate is 550mm deep, and the backplate is 15mm wide and 6 * 6mm deep. The depth of the laminate is 485mm.

Structure of cupboard with top

wardrobe deimension

First of all, the wardrobe should be made with a door with a top, and the upper guide rail is directly installed on the bottom plate of the top cabinet; however, a 18mm thick 110mm wide bottom plate should be added below to install the lower guide rail of the door.

Finally, the total depth of the top cabinet is 600mm, the side plate is 580mm deep, the backplate is 15mm, and the groove width is 6 * 6mm. If there is a middle side plate, it is 565mm.

Part2: wardrobe function partition

Bedding area

According to the usual height of the quilt, this area is usually 400-500mm high and 900mm wide. This space is mainly used to store quilts that are not used for changing seasons. Because it is inconvenient to take articles, the upper end of the wardrobe is usually used as a bedding area, which is also conducive to moisture resistance.

Superimposed area

This area can be designed as an adjustable movable plate layer, which is convenient to change the height or change to other areas according to the demand of the home furniture. For example, when the number of clothes is increased, the clothes hanging rod can be placed in the upper garment area. This area is mainly used for stacking sweaters, T-Shirts, casual pants, etc. It is better to arrange in the area between the waist and the eyes so that it is convenient to take. According to the width of general clothes after folding, the cabinet width should be between 330-400mm, and the height should be 350-400mm.

Long Dress Area

The height is 1400-1500mm, not less than 1300mm. The long clothing area is mainly used for hanging windbreakers, down jackets, coat, dress, dress, and other long clothes. The width of the long clothing area can be designed according to the number of pieces of long clothes you own. Generally, the width of 450 mm is enough for one person to use. If more people use it, you can appropriately widen or design multiple long clothing areas. In addition, if space is not particularly tight, it is recommended to choose a depth of 600mm, which is more comfortable to hang clothes

Jacket area

It is 1000-1200mm high, and the jacket area is used to hang the clothes that are easy to wrinkle, such as suits, shirts, and coats. In order to put the clothes hanger conveniently, the distance between the clothes racks hanger and the top of the cabinet should be greater than or equal to 60mm. According to the normal length of the clothes, in order to prevent the clothes from dragging to the bottom of the board, the distance between the clothes hanging rod and the bottom plate should be greater than 900mm. In addition, it should be noted that the distance from the clothes pole to the ground should not exceed 1800mm according to the individual's height, otherwise it is not convenient to take it.

Drawer area

It is 400-800mm wide and 190mm high. This area is mainly used to store underwear. Generally, 3 or 4 drawers are designed under the top area to store underwear. According to the height of underwear rolled up, the height of the drawer should not be less than 190mm, otherwise, it is easy to clamp clothes when closing the drawer.

Lattice frame

The height of the trellis is between 160 and 200 mm. The necktie is mainly used in the high storage area, so there is not enough space for the tie to be fixed.

Pants rack

The height is 800-1000mm. The pants display rack is specially used for hanging trousers, which is not easy to wrinkle. All trousers are folded in half, so the distance between the hanging rod and the bottom plate should not be less than 600mm, otherwise, the trousers will be dragged to the bottom plate. It is recommended to buy a wardrobe with antiskid pants to prevent pants from falling down, while general pants are easy to fall.

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Part3: Wardrobe size

Global spatial segmentation

If you want to do it to the end, follow the principle of 60-150-60 (i.e. upper cabinet 600mm, middle 1500mm, lower cabinet 600mm)! If there are many floors, the lower cabinet is generally 2100mm, and the rest belongs to the upper cabinet. If the lower cabinet is too high, the requirements for the door panel are very high, and the possibility of deformation will increase a lot after a long time!

Wardrobe Depth Dimension

The most common one is 600mm deep. The depth of the wardrobe is 530-620mm. With the door, the whole wardrobe is 600mm wide. There is no big problem in this width. The minimum width of the door should not be less than 530mm, otherwise, the sleeves will be pinched. If limited by the room area and can only set a narrower wardrobe, you can use a pull-out rod, there are several sizes, the depth of the wardrobe can be up to 350 mm.

Wardrobe Drawers Dimensions

Generally, it should be set in the area below one meter. The width of the drawer is 40-80cm, the height of the single layer of the lattice frame is 8-10cm, and the distance between the drawer and ground is better less than 125cm. It should be noted that a single drawer is generally 200 mm for a grid, not less than 150 mm, can not be wider than 250 mm is better!

Height of different clothes

Short clothes display, tops, and suits should have a minimum height of 800mm. The long coat should not be lower than the height of 1300mm inside the cabinet, otherwise, it will be dragged to the bottom of the cabinet. It's better to be higher than low! The space of the pants rack should be reserved 650mm, and 700mm should be reserved if the hanger is used.

Individual needs

For example, if you put bras, underwear, socks, accessories, neckties, you can make a grid in the drawer, or you can buy finished products in Taobao or IKEA.

The good and bad design of the wardrobe can really affect one's life. If you don't believe it, ask the people around you!