The kitchen is the top priority of house interior decoration. Especially those custom-made overall cabinets, tens of thousands of dollars a set is very common, and in some high-end imported cabinet stores, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars of the overall cabinet is not a new thing. In this industry of home decoration, the whole cabinet can be said to be the latest and most popular kitchen furniture. It is an essential cost for most consumers in decoration, but it is also one of the items that consumers do not know.

In recent two years, the quality complaints about the whole cabinet are on the rise. No wonder many senior industry insiders said that under the joint effect of carelessness and nonexperts, consumers will easily fall into the "concept" carefully designed by dealers when purchasing the whole cabinet.

kitchen cabinet

Don't always count on Price

Dealers usually use the "killer mace" of discount to attract consumers to buy, which is often the most effective way. But in essence, the discount is very difficult to reflect the essence of the cabinet, will also flush out the original cool head of consumers. For example, the overall cabinet of a brand is publicly marked with a 20% discount or lower discount, but in fact, it may be "inferior to others" in material or "short of weight" in size.

For example, the case of white light board and imported wood grain board is the same size, but the cost difference is nearly 50%; the European standard cabinet is 72 cm high, which is fundamentally different from that of 60 cm and 50 cm high, and the price of imported hardware and domestic hardware is several times different. What's more, some companies use their own reduced configuration of the cabinet and other people's full configuration of the cabinet compared to the price.

Check the Materials

Take a variety of cabinet materials, now many of the overall cabinet sales staff first recommend high-end materials to consumers, such as crystal XX board, Silver Diamond XX board, "do you think it's expensive? The particleboard is also good. It can be cheaper. worse off than some, better off than many. Relatively speaking, many consumers will accept it. The mesa should occupy a large part of the whole set of cabinet costs. Take a linear meter quotation for 1800 dollars cabinet, if the use of the best domestic artificial stone mesa will cost more than 700 dollars.

However, at present, the technological level of domestic man-made stones varies from good to bad. Some poor domestic man-made stones only need 300-500 dollars per linear meter. It is difficult to see any significant difference in the appearance of these stones. A tabletop with a linear meter can have a price difference of several hundred dollars, which provides a great space for the profits of businesses.

Check Bottom Board

The bottom board of the cabinet is also "concept" heavy. For example, when many sales personnel introduce the products, they usually say that we use the moisture-proof board. After special treatment, the moisture-proof effect is good, and of course, the price is slightly higher. But in fact, insiders all know that the most important thing for cabinets is to do a good job in the waterproof of the tabletop and connect the water pipes. The requirements for moisture resistance are not high. Therefore, in many families in Beijing, there is no floor drain in the kitchen.

The so-called moisture-proof board is actually just the ordinary medium density board on the processing. Moreover, in terms of cost, moisture-proof board and particleboard are much lower than other boards in terms of processing difficulty, auxiliary materials, and mechanical loss. It can be seen that many businesses are taking advantage of consumers' inexperience to "hoodwink".

Do not Believe Foreign Trick

If the accessories in the cabinet are entitled to "foreign import" and "technology patent", the price will be doubled several times. For example, for a brand of up-down seasoning column with a cost of no more than 100 dollars, the quotation is more than 1600 dollars; now the market price of a faucet on the cabinet is often 500 dollars or 600 dollars. If some new concepts are added, the quotation will cost several thousand dollars. It's hard to measure by any standard, but it's undeniably profitable.

Experts remind consumers, determine the quality of the cabinet, the most important thing is to see its board, and its edge, hardware accessories, and other details. The cabinet should be made of a high-quality density board or particleboard with a fireproof board. The veneering and edge sealing of cabinets made by regular manufacturers are completed by professional machines under high temperature and high pressure. In this way, the veneer, edge sealing, and the board can be closely combined, and the long-term use will not crack.