The Phone Shop Design will take the important part in the whole project of opening the phone store. We will consider the store decoration, the display stand layout, the light. All of these factors will influence the visitors flow rate. The more visitors, you will earn more. So we need to do a good design for the phone shop. We all know that the mobile phone market is very competitive. So we need to work on the decoration. The unique decoration will attract more attention from our customer.

Why we need to open the phone store?

With the advancement of science and technology, people's demand for electronic products such as mobile phones and computers has gradually increased. Because of the emergence of electronic products, people's lifestyles have been changed and communication has become more rapid. Learn about the news relatively quickly. You can keep up to date with the latest global information. You don’t need to order newspapers or read the news on time to get current news. Because of the development of mobile phones, various applications have also entered people's field of vision. Learning is one of them. You can use the dictionary app on your mobile phone to look up words, and you can also watch open classes. Let everyone's learning come into life. Electronic products such as mobile phones are indispensable in our lives, and we need to use them appropriately.

How to Decorate the Effective Phone Shop?

1.Reasonable color matching.

Color is an element that people directly observe. Reasonable color matching can make people have the desire to enter the store. The decoration of mobile phone stores is a consumer group with young people as the main consumer group. Here, the colors need to choose bright and bold colors to attract customers.

2.  Display window of the mobile phone store.

The window is the customer's first impression when they don't know the inside of the store. Window display is one of the important conditions that determine whether customers can enter the store to watch. In the window, customers can know the main products or promotional products in the mobile phone store. This is a big reason to attract customers.

3.The design of interior space.

The decoration of mobile phone stores requires careful design of the internal space. Because the store is where your products are placed, we need to pay extra attention. Generally, the placement of items in the approximate space is determined first, and then the details are designed according to specific requirements. The purpose of the design is to make the whole shop more advantageous and more attractive. The design can be placed as many items without disorder is the real success.

4. Mobile phone storefront decorate.

The door design is the image of a mobile phone store, and the status and size of the store name are properly grasped, which is also an element to attract customers. When designing and decorating, you must have personality and show the characteristics of the mobile phone store. We can make customers have a first impression of the mobile phone store through the combination of color and store name, thereby increasing the recognition of the store.

cell-phone shop design

Phone Display Stands 

The main purpose of the store is to sell products. This mobile phone shop mainly sells mobile phones, computers, and mobile phone accessories. So we need to show their advantages. We use display stand and display table to display mobile phones and computers. Their main material is plywood, and laminate is used for surface treatment. The metal frame at the bottom of the counter is used for surface treatment. We use aluminum trough plates to display the wall display.

phone store design

If i want to order some displays stands that suitable for my shop style, what should i do please?

First, you need to order the suitable phone displays to match your shop style. If you do not decorate your phone shop, we also can design the phone shop according your size and your requirements.

Second, after you satisfy the phone display and the shop design, then we can start to produce.

Third, before produce, please arrange the 50% deposit.

Fourth, finish the phone displays, arrange the rest balance payment.

Finally, Packed and shipping


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