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This candy display stand is a heart shape with a metal base. In the middle is a display stand where you can put all kinds of candies. It is best to use it as a center display shelf so that customers can purchase items from both sides. This kind of candy rack is very convenient to use and attracts people's attention at a glance.

Love heart-shaped candy display stand

Color decoration

The main color is red, and red love makes people feel relaxed and happy. The white shelf panels show the true colors of the candy, which can help people make wise choices and save time. You can also change it to other colors to match candy store furniture.

Shape introduction

This candy display rack designs like a heart shape. Since it is a customized candy display rack, it can also be changed to other shapes, such as L-shaped, snail-shaped, trapezoidal, etc.

Candy rack feature:

Size: 1200 * 500 * 1800mm. It can be made in other sizes for special needs.

Function: Display candy, decorate the candy shop

Style: Simple and attractive style. It is designed according to customers’ ideas.

Process: The candy cabinet is made of MDF, and the surface is made of baking paint. Workers should pay attention to the details of the process in order to obtain high-quality products.

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Material introduction

Different materials have different effects on display cabinets. You can check its appearance in the 3D design drawing, and then select the appearance you want.

MDF is mainly used to construct candy racks. It takes about 5 days to complete. The end is shiny paint. It looks smooth and shiny. Baking paint is a very popular surface decoration for candy store furniture.

How to order the candy display rack?

More Information
Color pink
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 1200*550*1000mm
Materials MDF, baking paint, acrylic, metal, etc.
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