Coffee shop design, counter, display showcase

In the design of the coffee shop, the purpose is to continue the perfect friendship that people admire and yearn for, and at the same time to achieve the purpose of relieving pressure.

Because in this modern society with more and more developed economy and more and more thin human feelings, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, and the pressure is getting heavier and heavier. As a result, the communication between people is getting less and less, and more and more people tend to enjoy loneliness.

As the burden on people's shoulders becomes heavier and heavier, their inner world becomes more empty and realistic. Therefore, the coffee shop creates a spiritual oasis for busy modern people to consolidate friendship and relieve pressure, which is a kind of yearning for space.

Description of the coffee shop design

When coming into the coffee shop from the door, the first sight is on the bar counter. But this is not the front side of the bar counter, it is on the right side. From the bar counter, the shelf frame is made of the black stainless steel. There are many layers to display and hold liquor bottles, cups on the shelf. The black stainless steel frame is also designed on the wall to as the decoration. Customers can have a special feel on the display. Besides, there are many machines and equipment on the counter, and it’s convenient for the staff to work on the countertop. The coffee shop not only sell the coffee, the single goods, but also including liquor and other drinks, some fast food for people. In the bar counter area, there is a big refrigerator, and the shelf is installed on the wall to hold some cups too. One computer is on that corner, customers can go on the right part to order and pay for the coffee, because it the cash register there.

At this side, the blue sofa is near the bar counter, and the wood three different sizes tables in front of the sofa. Then two different colors black and red stainless steel chairs for the table two. The blue, black red these three colors match together is very good, it shows the classic color of the coffee shop. At the top, there are the Edison lamps to shine the customers area, and the light is very warm. This is the customers area, people can sit here and enjoy the coffee directly.

This is the whole view of the coffee shop, the style of the shop is very modern, and the main design is using the solid wood to decorate. It shows a clean and comfortable environment for people. The main area of the shop is for customers. The sofa and tables are also designed near the door. One side is put on beside the windows, customers can feel the natural light from the window to drink the coffee, read books, working, and doing a daze, chatting etc, it is good space for them to do their things. The green plants are put on the windows to make the shop much active and has emotional appeal. In the middle area, they are the small tables with two chairs, if two people or just one person come to have coffee they can choose the small table for themselves. The small potted decoration is on every tables to increase one color. On the right side, it the solid wood decorate the area, and the sofa and tables are here too. The led light is around the area. Besides, the logo sign is on the wall to show to people. The sofa are also made of the wood, soft material and stainless steel, which is the same as the whole shop style. At the ceiling, there are different lamps decoration.

At the end of the shop, it is the wall shelf, which is made of stainless steel. One picture is in the middle of the shelf to adorn the shop too. The most useful pint is that it can help customers to hanging the coats or umbrellas, hats or other bags. It is very convenient for customers.

In conclusion

In the present cathartic and tedious urban life environment, the simple style of coffee shop not only brings people a unique feeling, but also can let us temporarily away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so it is very popular with modern young people. When designing, we ask to pursue the characteristics of The Times; The color should be bright and jumping, the facade should be simple and smooth, without excessive decoration, everything should start from the function, pay attention to practical and be energetic.

There are many styles of a coffee shop, every ideas in your mind can make a unique style of the shop. The designer of the Anti Display Limited can help you make the 3D design to show your every ideas. Our professional factory can make the goods come true and in high quality for your shop interior design.