For you who have decided to open a food truck or a food trailer, one of the critical points on which the success of your business depends will be to make yourself known. And for that, nothing better to choose a logo with an eye-catching design.

Above all, A logo is also a way to catch the eye and permeate the memory of your customers. And creating a logo for a food truck is more complex than there is appears.

To help you better understand the challenges of this process, we offer in this article some “rules” which should allow you to avoid the most common traps.

food trailers logo

The importance of the logo in the case of a food truck

Creating a food truck logo means choosing an image and defining a visual identity, which is essential for the commercial strategy adopted by your company.

A logo is like a mental representation of your concept and your products. It allows when it comes to the minds of your customers (current and potential) to identify your food truck.

Creating a logo when you own a food truck is more critical as your workplace is mobile.

Your logo, and by extension your visual identity, are de facto the first means at your disposal to attract new customers and keep those who, by recognizing it, will remember your meals in good memory.

Characteristics of a good logo for a food truck

Main Features

An eye-catching logo should be simple and easily readable so that your customers spontaneously remember it.

Likewise, it must be adaptable to all media types (menus, signs, billboards, flyers, etc.), whatever their shape, size and colours. Ideally, even if it is colourful, your logo should be displayed in black and white or shades of grey.

Obviously, your food truck logo must also be unique in order to be instantly differentiated from those used by your competitors. And if possible, immediately evoke your concept and your offer in the minds of your target customers.

For example, for a food truck selling burgers, it might be a good idea to choose a logo with buns so that people who see it know right away what kind of food you are selling.

Ideas for the logo of a food truck

As we have said, your logo must quickly identify your concept and, therefore, the type of cuisine you offer.

Many food trucks choose to represent a truck on their logo, and if the idea is not very original, it has the merit of going straight to the point. Especially since by calling on a qualified graphic designer, there is no doubt that he will be able to offer you new ideas optimizing the standard food truck logo.

More precisely, it may be interesting to signify it using symbols commonly associated with the country in question if you intend to cook abroad.

Your sign letter can also take the name of your food truck. In this case, you will have to choose the font carefully. Ideally, this should be visible while remaining uncluttered. Overly convoluted letters can be confusing.

Remember, here too, that the font is readable on different media types, in colour and black and white.

Finally, on the “fashions” side, know that geometric shapes and shadow play are two current trends that you are free to take inspiration from as long as they agree with the concept of your food truck. These two graphic signatures, allowing the creation of minimalist logos, symbolize modernity and sophistication: they are therefore ideal for your food truck.

Change the logo of your food truck.

Several situations may require a change in the logo of your food truck.

First, suppose you take over an existing food truck, and therefore a used truck. In that case, it is unnecessary to change the logo, for example, if the food truck in question has an excellent reputation and has a good clientele.

Obviously, keeping the previous backlit logo assumes that it corresponds to your concept. If you set out to sell burgers when the previous owner offered sushi, you will have no choice but to recreate the logo entirely.

That said, this idea needs to be qualified; you can take the existing logo and modify it. For example, keeping the font and colours used so that customers associate the new logo with the old one.

It is also possible to change your logo if it has aged (badly).

Moreover, some graphic designers advise refreshing or radically changing a logo every 4 years. This initiative is also a way to show your ability to adapt and react. Change can then become a topic of conversation among your customers, which is always positive for a business!

Finally, it can be fun to change your logo to mark an event temporarily. For Christmas, Easter, or to celebrate the birthday of your food kiosk!

Logo design for your food truck

Here, we can only advise you to use the services of a professional graphic designer. Unless, of course, you have a solid understanding of graphic design yourself.

It is also challenging to provide you with a range of prices charged by service providers, as they are so varied.

That said, it is a complex and time-consuming job since it is necessary to carry out marketing research so that the logo reflects the DNA of your food truck (to establish a graphic charter, therefore).

The more reputable the chosen company is, the more its rates will tend to be expensive, quality at a price.

But even with a specific budget in your pocket, how do you choose the right graphic designer for your food truck logo creation?

The sites abound, and some pull the prices down. Beware, the hooks of the type “a logo for 10 euros” is often a bad sign! It is better to focus on quality.

Many possibilities are available to you. Some freelance graphic designers are easy to contact via specific online platforms such as, or

These professionals are often less expensive than agencies. You can also choose a website, which also offers lower rates than those of traditional agencies.

Finally, there are the agencies to work with. In this case, the best way is to do research on the internet or choose a provider recommended by your acquaintances.

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Protect food truck logo

It is indeed advisable to protect your logo and finally to secure its use. Note that if your logo is original, the final model and the intermediate achievements are protected by copyright (Code of intellectual property; art. L. 112-2--8 °) without any deposit. No prior declaration is necessary.

On the other hand, and you will have understood it, the logo owner is its author, and therefore the one who produced it: the graphic designer.

We, therefore, advise you to ensure that the contract contains a clause providing for a transfer of intellectual property rights: assignment of exploitation rights on all media, rights to register the logo as a trademark, etc.

Suppose it is sometimes difficult to assess who is the author of the logo (especially when it was made from a particular request). In that case, it is also complicated to determine whether a symbol is original or not. And This is why it is necessary to remind you to call in a professional and thus avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Therefore, You will understand, a quality logo is, simple and each of its details must be carefully considered. But above all, each idea that presided over creating your food truck logo must be motivated and have a precise meaning.

A good logo is a weapon of seduction and a means of communication, so above all, hire a professional graphic designer and find out about your rights (in terms of intellectual property rights).