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Shoes are very daily and essential clothing products. There are many kinds of it, and the demand is also great. When we start a shoe store, there are many things to consider. Shoes can be divided into various categories according to their functionalities, such as leather shoes and high heels for formal occasions, household shoes for daily household use, casual shoes for casual outings, sports shoes for sports, spikes, and fireproof rain boots, etc. There are many different types of shoes for girls and boys.

There are many shoe shop you start begin your retail business, shoe kiosk, shoe carts or retail shoe stores. When we started a shoe store,it was impossible to cover all types of shoes. Unless you want to open a very large store and you have sufficient funds. If you have no experience and want to start from 0, what should we do?

shose store design


The most important step in opening a shoe store is market positioning. It is necessary to observe the consumption level and consumption habits of the target market, and carefully summarize and analyze. Opening a store is no simple matter. According to the consumption situation of the target market, work out a suitable position for yourself. For example, the demand for sports shoes in the target market is large, but the supply is small, so we can position ourselves on sports shoes. Then there is site selection. A good location can get twice the result with half the effort, and a location in remote and fringe areas may take a lot of time and effort to gain popularity. When we select a location, we must also consider issues such as the combination of transfer fees and rent. We must proceed from reality and select a suitable store within our budget.

Decoration & Design

After we choose the location of the store, the next step is the decoration and equip with shoe store fixtures. According to your own behavior style, you should design the corresponding decoration style. If you sell brand shoes, you need to decorate the store high-end, and sports shoes need to be vigorous. When we are decorating, it is best to have our own ideas and not to imitate other people’s store styles. If we are selling sports shoes, then the store can put some running or other sports posters. The color in the store can be red or black, this can be according to your preference. If you have a logo, it is best to match the color of the logo.

There are also many types of display furniture in shoe stores. We can find a custom company to help us design the internal layout and furniture.

Purchase & Display

While decorating the store, we need to find the source of goods. When purchasing goods, we can choose some wholesale markets. When choosing goods, we need to find some places close to us, we can check the quality of the goods and save a delivery fee. Observe the products more, it is best to shop around and compare prices and quality.

After choosing the goods and purchasing them, you need to put them in the shop and display them. The placement of the shoes also has certain requirements. We can consider how to place it according to the heel type, shoe type, fabric, and other aspects. There are front, side, forward, and reverse placement.

Sales Skills

When selling, the most important things is our attitude and words. When it is time for customers to enter the door, we have to smile, step forward to welcome, and learn to observe customers. Observe their dress, behavior, and try to figure out their personalities, and so on. Learn to praise customers, but don’t too deliberate. We also need to be familiar with the product and be very confident about our products, so that customers are willing to buy with you.

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So we need to pay attention to a few things when starting a shoe store.

  • Choose a store in a good location, preferably in a commercial area or shopping mall if possible.
  • Don’t blindly buy retail display fixtures and decorate the store. It is best to ask a custom company to customize a full set of furniture and decorations. They will bring your products to the right style and provide all the furniture and decorations. This is very convenient for us. We also see the effect of the entire store in advance through design.
  • You get what you pay for. Don’t be greedy for pretty gains. The quality of cheap shoes is not very good. Many people are willing to buy big brands because they are comfortable and durable. Therefore, we must pay attention when choosing products and pricing, bot to over-high prices. We need to understand the pricing of peers.
  • Our attitude is very important. If you are sympathetic to your customers, they can feel our service and will be willing to buy from us. It is forbidden to ignore the customer and make a bad face.