hair salon design, barber shop design

Before determining the decoration style of the barbershop, we must first make clear the grade and consumer groups of the barbershop, and determine the decoration style according to the preferences, age characteristics, and personality characteristics of different groups of people.

Hair Salon Interior Decoration Style

At present, the barber shop decoration design style mainly includes European and American style, clean style, cool style. Each style can intuitively reflect the characteristics of the barbershop, give people a different feeling.

Many customers need two or three hours to get their hair done in the barbershop. The color of the barbershop plays a certain role in regulating people's moods. In particular, barbershops often use hair dryers to make noise which is easy to make people uneasy. Matters for attention in barbershop decoration: the color of the barbershop facade should be given priority to with light tones so that customers feel comfortable and warm. On the contrary, if in the barbershop decoration design, the use of dark will be impatient, restless, not sitting. It is not conducive to the second consumption of customers and attracts more repeat customers.

The atmosphere of the barbershop can be divided into two kinds. One is the aura field generated by the communication between people. The other one can be built through the decoration design of the barber shop. If the two can be combined with each other, it will certainly give consumers to make consumers in the process of consumption more comfortable, natural. Barbershop decoration matters needing attention: barbershop atmosphere can be classical, fresh, trendy, and so on.

Description of Hair Salon Shop

From this view, the layout can be seen. There are the reception desk, massage area, customers rest area, and barber area. The whole hair salon shop's main hue is pink and green, which is very fresh and romantic. At this part, it is the barber beauty area for customers. There are several mirrors and the relevant stations are designed pink. Customers can feel comfortable when they make hair beautiful for a long time. Every station has a lamp decoration to make customers feel good from the mirror when they sit there. The floor is designed with gold tiles, which look very high-end.

This part area is designed well too. The background of the mirrors is designed into classical flower patterns, which is a wonderful adorn. And led lights are around the mirrors. And the chairs are also pink. The frame is also pink and the layers are white on the frame as the shelves display some decorations and some hair beauty goods, which is a good design and make good use of the space.

At the ceiling, the background is the same as that of the mirrors. And the picture is on the wall to decorate. This area design is different, which is not single and very good. Total 5 stations for this area, which can be for barbers and also for makeup for customers.

On this wall, there is a big poster of the model with beautiful hair to show to customers. And this room is a sofa and a small table for customers to have a good rest when they accompany friends or family to make hair beautiful. Or if the salon shop full of all customers, they sit here to wait for the project.

A half-round table with high stools in the shop middle for customers to have a rest too, the liquor bottles are as decoration hanging at the ceiling at the top of the half-round. The table seems a bar and people can chat when they sit together. The ceiling is also designed with the beautiful and special patterns of the lamps.

The lamp is soft and comfortable in the shop. There are some shelves in the shop to put something too.

This area is for the massage. It is a green design here. There is also a big mirror on the wall and the background is also with beautiful flower patterns as decoration. The mirror on the wall can increase feeling of the area space to customers. The ceiling design is different too. And two massage stations here. Customers not only can get the service of hair beauty but also can enjoy the massage service here.

This area is the reception desk, customers can pay for the project here. The reception desk is white and with pink led light to make it attractive. At the back of the desk, the wall is also decorated with pink and to show the brand logo sign of the salon shop. The shelves on the wall can storage something there, which takes good use too. When customers come into the salon, they can see the desk directly.

In conclusion

Barbershop decoration matters needing attention include barbershop decoration style, indoor tone, atmosphere, environment, and so on. It takes more than expertise and service to make a business thrive. It also needs to give the consumer a good impression of the senses. Anti Display Limited can meet your needs on the design and production, please contact us when you would like a good design.