sunglasses store furniture

Sunglasses are a very profitable business in recent years. We can see sunglasses shops everywhere in the street and even in the shopping center. Every sunglasses store has its unique decoration and furniture. Before starting a sunglasses store, it’s very important to choose a suitable display showcase. Sunglasses store furniture mainly use to place and showcase products. However, they can also make the sunglasses shop looks good. You can learn from this essay to choose good sunglasses store furniture.

Sunglasses store furniture includes wall cabinets, glass display counter, cashier counter, column stands. They are in different shapes and styles to leave a deep impression on people. It’s better to give an unforgettable feeling on the first eyesight. We usually put up advertising posters, company profiles, brand logos, and even TV players to improve store imagine.

Sunglasses store furniture design

sunglasses store furniture

Semicircular counter

When entering the sunglasses store, we can see a large semicircular counter on the left-hand side. We can use it for both the service counter and cashier counter. It is white in color and has a large mirror stand on the worktop. People can try eyeglasses frames from the back wall display shelf.


Wall display shelf

There are 4 different styles of wall display shelf to place sunglasses. One style has glass display layers to place sunglasses with a background led light board. The bottom area is lock cabinets for storage. The second style is similar to this one but has posters behind it. The third type is inserted wall cabinets with light. Each cabinet contains a pair of sunglasses, very good to showcase popular eyeglasses styles and high-value products. The last style is the attached wall display shelf, which looks like a sample wall. Eyeglasses are in a white circle with blue decorating.


Glass counter

Glasses counters area set in front of wall display shelves. The countertop has a glass cabinet with a light lamp for brightness. The glass cabinet has a locked door for safety consideration. Under the counter are lock cabinets for eyeglasses boxes. In front of it is a blue line decoration in the middle, we can also add a brand logo here.

sunglasses display showcase

Round cushion

Its total has 2 round cushions at the center of the shop, it has soft leather on the cushion and back. Allow the accompanying person to sit down for a while. We can also use it as a display showcase area to place gifts and promoting things.


Working counter

Inside the eyeglasses, the store has a large working counter in a curved shape. We can use it as a service counter and deal with customers' suggestions. The glasses washing machine can be placed here, when people wear eyeglasses, we can help them clean it.


How to purchase sunglasses store furniture?

1. Color, choose sunglasses display cabinet matches shop color

Color is the main tone of a sunglasses store. When we choose the correct color for the sunglasses kiosk cabinet, it will high level the shop and makes people think of you once see the color. This very helpful to express the brand and build a chain brand.

2. Size, make it the same size fit for the location

No matter how big your sunglasses store is, the first thing is to make a floor plan. This shows the purpose of each part, and then we can place the furniture according to the sizes. In this case, we can make full use of each space and get a wonderful sunglasses store decoration

3. Style, use modern and attractive style to build

Sunglasses display furniture that should meet the shop theme. We can make some display counters in U shape, round, shape, wave style, and even double-sided display shelves. Which makes the furniture changeable and creates a lovely effect.

4. Quality, build them in high-quality materials

Except for the shape and decoration, material quality is a very important part of sunglasses store furniture. Because good quality makes the sunglasses display showcase uses for a long time. And it can keep new and clean even use for many years.

Let’s view the nice sunglasses store as an example. It shows us how to purchase correct furniture to gain business. The main color is white and dark blue decoration, which makes people feel pleasant and reflects the sense of technology.


A good quality eyeglasses display showcase is very helpful in a retail shop. It’s never too late to start an eyeglasses shop. If you want some more good decoration ideas, please feel free to send us an inquiry. Our professional design team will give you useful suggestions and even help you make shop designs to show how your sunglasses store looks like. Click here to view more sunglasses store decoration ideas