Ice cream is a very normal snack in our life and is very popular with many people. From the children to the elder, almost everyone like eating ice cream. So you can see there are many ice cream shops appearing on the market... Cause you can eat different ice cream with a different flavors in the shop. So if you have enough capital, you can open an ice cream shop store.

Next, I will introduce the ice cream store 3d design to you. Then you can check the 3d design, and can get some suggestions from the 3d design.

Only a wonderful 3d design you have, you will have a wonderful shop.

ice cream shop


Ice Cream Food Bar Counter: An ice cream counter is necessary for a food store. The front of the counter is solid wood with white. And the countertop we use the black quartz. It will make the whole style more European and unique. And you can see that the corner of the counter, has a huge ice cream model on the countertop. It will help you attract more attention from customers and also can decorate the food bar counter. The inside counter is a working counter, which includes the sink and put some machines. And front counter has a cooler display that can display the ice cream in different flavors.

ice cream store

Flavor Topping: There is toppling and you can put your food in it.

Wall Display Rack: There is some display stand, we can put some material on the shelves. The middle of the display rack has the menu, and the customer can choose the ice cream they liked.

display counter

Sitting area: there are two areas for a sitting area. One side of the wall has a long bar table and customers can sit there and enjoy their food. When you enter the shop, there are some sofas and chairs, also can sit and eat the ice cream.

sitting area

Wall: the wall, has many decorations. There are some neon logos, and ice cream shapes on the wall, and customers can know it.

shop fixtures

For the ceiling, there are some balloon lamps on the ceiling that can make the whole shop warmer. And there are also some spotlights on the ceiling.

If you want to open an ice cream store, we suggest that we can make a 3d design for your shop firstly. And then you will know how it looks. Ant display has a professional design team and can work out a new plan for you. After you confirm the design, we will start to produce according to the plan that we confirmed.

bar counter