Candy is very normal in our life, and most people like it. From children to the elder, people like candy in different types. If you have enough capital, we suggest that you can open a candy store. Opening a candy store does not need skills, just making the good decoration, finding the candy supplier, and the display fixture’s supplier.

Next, I will introduce a candy store interior design to you as a reference.

candy store

Sitting area: when you enter the candy store, you can see the sitting area. The sitting area is nearby the wall and customers can see it directly. It is very user-friendly for customers, they can enjoy their food when they pay the bill. You can see the chairs, can the seat cushion which is a lollipop shape. It is very suitable for a candy store.

retail counter


Reception & Cashier Desk: For a candy store, a suitable place for the reception desk is very important. We can see that we put the reception desk nearby the door and sitting area. When customers paid the bill, they can go out or sit down to enjoy their food. The reception desk is in an L shape, and the front of the reception desk has some small window grids which can store and display the goods. The left side of the reception desk has a huge ice cream cup shape stand, and to make the stand more attractive.

interior shop design

Candy Display Counter: You can see that there is two display stand counter in the middle of the store. And Customers can choose the candy from the different directions. The body of the counter has a sticker which is the same theme as the wall.

Wall Display Stand: there is a high display stand nearby the wall. The top of the display stand has a logo, and customers can see the logo on the top. There are some shelves on the wall and can hang some hooks on the display stand. Then you can display your product better.

candy display rack

Display Shelves: There are some display shelves nearby the wall. There are three shelves to display the candy. The edge of the display shelves is a curved shape and can decorate the display shelves better.

Retail Stand: there is a huge stand nearby the wall. You can see that it has a huge size and can display more products in it.

display shelving

Round Display Shelving: You can see that there are three shelves, that display the candy surrounding. On the bottom of the round display, the shelving is a sticker. And we put it in the middle of the door. The customer can see it directly when they pass by the candy store.

Rest Area: The back of the reception desk has a rest area for employees. There is a sink, and then clean the wash hands at any time.

Wall Decoration: You can see that there are many colors on the wall, the color is based on the candy brand theme. You can see that each side has a set of logos and some decorations like the different shape clouds.

candy store design

candy display rack