Cosmetics and skincare products are now our more popular products. Cosmetics are very competitive now, so we have to spend time in every shop. Only good stores will attract more customers. Every customer likes shops with good service and a good environment. So this requires us to spend time on store design. Only a good design will make the shop better decorated.

Location of the Store

In addition to the design, the location of the cosmetics store is also very important.

The location of a cosmetics store is generally judged based on the location of the store and the consumer groups it faces. If you want to operate high-priced brands, cosmetics that are mainly targeted at young white-collar workers should be selected in areas where women gather at higher levels of consumption. Such as boutique clothing stores, jewelry stores, and high-end office buildings. If it is medium-priced, cosmetics for the younger generation should choose KFC, McDonald's or the bustling streets near universities.

According to different environments, cosmetic shops are generally divided into these types.

  1. Dependent shop or shop in shop

This kind of store is generally opened next to or inside supermarkets and large stores with, particularly high traffic. Attached to large supermarkets to bring customers to themselves, cosmetic stores are the same. The advantage of dependent shops is that the source of customers is concentrated and the turnover is relatively stable. However, the rent and other expenses of such shops lead to high operating costs. This kind of store has higher requirements on the level of operation and brand influence, as well as the professional level of salespersons. Operators must have a certain amount of experience and capital to open a store in this place. This business model is generally not suitable for newcomers to enter.

  1. Business district boutiques

This type of shop is located in a relatively prosperous downtown area, open in commercial streets and pedestrian streets as many as ten miles high. It may be far from large supermarkets, but the flow of people is relatively large. This type of business district may not be considered a category in the city, but it will also attract some consumers. The vast majority of cosmetics stores are located in this type of business district.

  1. Serving community stores

As the urban area is gradually expanding and there are more and more communities, it is also a good choice to open a shop in the community. Community stores will have good development prospects, and the passenger flow of such stores is generally relatively small. However, the rent will be very low, mainly for customers in the community. As long as the service is good and a good word-of-mouth effect is formed, community-based cosmetics shops generally operate relatively stable.

After choosing the store, choosing the product is one of the essential preparations. To determine which product you want to operate, you need to understand the market situation of this product and some information about this product. Only with a full understanding of the market and a comprehensive understanding of the cosmetics that you operate can the store succeed.

cosmetic store design

How to Decorate the Shop?

When designing a skincare product store, we must aim at the beautification of the storage space. From the marketing point of view, the reasonable planning of the space arrangement plays a key role; thus, the planning of the storefront and interior parts of the skincare store is more critical and more significant. When we design the storefront, we should consider the following aspects:

  1. Reasonable Use of Space.

We need to keep the whole shop clean and tidy. The position and size of each display stand require a careful layout. The store's display rack position needs to be placed reasonably. The display racks are placed against the wall. This saves more space. Customers can also easily see the product classification. The cash register is generally placed at the back of the store. If there is enough space, a small reception desk and service counter can be placed in front of the store. For the reception desk, we need to have a good decoration style and a good location.

  1. Shop Decoration Color

Our shop also has requirements for positioning. For girls' skincare products, brighter colors such as blue and pink are preferred. For example, our main style like this one is blue and white, which is the main girly style. If you are focusing on nature and no additives, the wood grain style may be more appropriate.