Nail salons are popular with women no matter where they are. Nail art can make women more feminine. The femininity presented by finger paint is stronger than any cosmetics. Its feminine concentration is the highest, far above lip gloss. The more delicate the tips, the more flavorful a woman is. Fingernails, toenails, and hair are tied for the three tips, and nail art accounts for two of them. As a fashion trend, nail art is loved by many women. So we can often see nail shops or small nail shops on the street. There are many color patterns and patterns of nail art, and it is suitable for people of many ages.

If you have been to a nail salon, have you observed the decoration and furniture inside? Generally, nail salons will have two work areas, one is the hand repair area and the other is the pedicure area. We can separate these two areas. For the nail salon, the most important thing is the display cabinet, because we have a lot of nail polish to display. Unused materials, colors, and styles can be displayed on different cabinets. Today I want to introduce to you the furniture and layout of a nail salon. You can look at the 3D picture below. This shop is not big, it is a very regular shape, we will be more relaxed when designing the layout.

nail shop design


Because this shop is relatively small, the spaces are interconnected. All our furniture and equipment should be placed in the same space. First, we have to design some tall cabinets on the two walls. The tall cabinet does not occupy much space. The rest is divided into two sides, the left is the pedicure area, and the right is the pedicure area. And design our nail workbench. The pedicure is usually to put a few chairs and some foot basins, which will be very convenient for our work. In addition to the two working areas, we also have to consider the cash register area and the rest area. The cashier area does not need to be too big, it is enough for one person to work. A sofa chair and some pillows can be placed in the rest area so that customers will be more comfortable. These are the main furniture and equipment. Workbenches and pedicure chairs should be arranged according to our shop space. We can see that there are three seats for manicure and pedicure in this shop. If our shop is relatively large, our workplaces can be arranged a little more. The specific seat should be made according to the actual situation. 

Display Furniture

The furniture in this shop has wall display cabinets, a nail table, reception desk, salon chairs, and sofas. 

  1. Wall display cabinet. Since our tall cabinets display nail polishes, we will often use them when we work, and our cabinets can be used without doors. It can be taken directly when we need it. If you need a larger capacity, we can design it as a high shelf cabinet, so that each layer can put a lot of nail polish. Some lightbox paintings can also be designed on the cabinet as decoration so that it will not look monotonous. Posters can also make our cabinets more attractive.
  2. Nail table. The nail table is the table where we work, and customers will sit on the opposite side of us. The bottom of the table must be empty. Our countertops are made of stone so that the countertop looks high-quality and durable. The nail table is the table where we work, and customers will sit on the opposite side of us. The bottom of our table must be recessed so that our customers will not be inconvenient to sit. We can design several drawers for storing our tools on the working side. The material of the table can use bright baking varnish; it's color rendering is very good, the color is also very beautiful.
  3. Reception desk. The reception desk is used for checkout, customers can pay here, and we can put our computers here to work. So our reception desk does not need to be too big. If there are space constraints, we can just be one person as a seat.
  4. Pedicure chair. This chair is for a pedicure. Customers come here not only to do nail art but also to enjoy our services. Therefore, we should choose some comfortable chairs for our salon. It is best to use a sponge cushion so that customers will feel comfortable sitting. Because we will be involved in the service of washing feet when we pedicure. We suggest that a sink can be set under the pedicure chair, which will facilitate our work and save some time.
  5. Seating Area Sofa. In addition to work, the rest area is essential. Sometimes when more customers need to wait. Our customers have a place to rest, which gives them a better impression. The sofa in our lounge area also needs to be more comfortable.

Overall Style

Although this shop is small, it feels very small and high-end. In addition to the furniture display inside, we also need to renovate the walls, ceilings, and lights and buy some suitable lights or decorations. If we don't know how to decorate our store, then we can make a design first. Then decorate our store according to the furniture and style in the design drawings. The furniture in the design drawings can be customized. Decorating and purchasing furniture after confirming the design can save us a lot of time. Many mistakes can also be avoided. A large part of the sales of a store depends on the decoration of the store. If you have any questions or ideas, you can discuss it with us. We are a furniture customization company, and our design team can work with us. Let's create a unique nail shop together.