Hello everyone and welcome to our website. What you are viewing now is an article about a cosmetics store. I think your business is related to this. If you want to design your shop or want to buy some display furniture, I think you have come to the right place. We are a furniture customization company integrating design, production, and transportation. We can help customers design their storefronts, including interior display furniture and decorations. After the design is completed, you can see the effect on the entire store. If you need to modify it, you can also tell our designers, and they will modify the design according to your requirements. After confirming the final design, we can get an accurate price list, and we can start production after no problem.

Take the following beauty shop as an example. This shop is designed according to the floor plan sent by our customers. Its shop size is 6x3m, and the interior is empty. We can freely arrange the furniture and layout inside. Customers like pink, it needs three working areas, a waiting area, product display area, and cashier area. These are customer requirements. We can design according to these requirements. 

beauty shop design

Layout Introduction

The reception desk is generally placed closest to the door. It does not need to occupy too much space, usually for one person. We can put a computer on the countertop, and we can make an image wall on the wall behind the cashier. We can make some patterns or put our logo on it. It looks professional and beautiful. Our work area and cashier area are separated by partitions. On the left and right sides of the inside of the store are working areas, and our work tables are equipped with mirrors. Since we also need a waiting area, the working area on the right can be less. Our waiting area is also at the entrance. Our design is a couch, which is relatively simple and does not occupy much space. Due to the limited space, our display area can only be used for laminate display. We can see from the design drawings that they all have a certain shape and look very beautiful. The above is the whole content of our beauty shop. Although our site is not big, we can make good use of every space.

Furniture Customization

After we have determined the design and interior furniture, we can proceed to production. We can provide furniture for the entire store, including cash registers, work tables, shelf displays, and background walls on the wall, sofas, and lightbox paintings. We have our own factory, and our workers will strictly follow the shape, color, and size of the furniture in our store to produce. You can get everything you want here. After the production is completed, we can ship to your designated location or port.


We have been in the furniture customization industry for more than ten years. We have made a lot of furniture for customers in many countries, and our quality can be guaranteed. We are committed to providing customers with the best quality service, and we can meet your requirements together. So, when you rent a store, you can send us the floor plan and tell us your requirements. Our designers will design this shop according to your requirements. Only when the design is completed can we determine what kind of furniture we need and what effect they will have in our beauty store. Therefore, when we want to buy custom furniture in the store, it is very important to make a 3D design for the store.