DIAMOND CHARM is the earliest jewelry brand Launched in China to conduct branding operations. Since its establishment, it has steadily developed into an international jewelry kingdom. It is a collection of jewelry R&D, design, production, and processing. A diversified professional jewelry brand is integrating wholesale sales and franchising. In the Chinese market, the retail network covers more than 20 provinces, more than 70 cities, counties, and four municipalities directly under the central government, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Tianjin.

DIAMOND CHARM always adheres to the brand spirit of "passion, adventure and unremitting pursuit of perfection." Because of the brand's outstanding performance, it is committed to providing customers with valuable jewelry. It has won the "Chinese Gold and Silver Jewelry Brand.", "Famous Brand in China's Jewelry Industry," and other awards.

Shop Front Design

jewelry store design for diamond ring display

Shop Interior Space Design With Golden color luxury style wall display cabinets

jewelry store design for diamond ring display

Round Jewelry Display Showcase design for middle shop island display.

jewelry store design for diamond ring display

The brand image of DIAMOND CHARM has been updated many times, and each time it can lead the design trend in the industry. This time, Ant Display has created the latest generation of brand image for Diamond Charm. The fresh, simple, and international new-generation image has won the headquarters and is highly recognized by most franchisees.

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