Cosmetic Shop Display Cabinet | luxury rack style for sale

Cosmetic Shop Display Cabinet | luxury rack style for sale

 wall cosmetics display cabinet

High-end Wall Cosmetics Display Cabinet Luxury Skin-care Products Display Stands For Shopping Mall

Luxury Cosmetic Display Stand Modern Design Makeup Cabinet & Wall Display Shelf for Sale

Customize Cosmetic Display Cabinet Match to Different Places

High Quality with Good materials

New Invention Cosmetic Display Shelf Design

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The cosmetic display stand is mainly used to display cosmetics and skincare products well. It has display shelves to display items in an order, spotlights for bright, and lockers for storage. We can also divide it into several cabinets to adapt to different products.

Luxury Cosmetic Display Stand Introduction

Size: We can custom-made the cosmetic display cabinets that match the shop size. The most popular size for the single stand is 100cm, 120cm, 160cm. Combination cabinets of different styles look very beautiful and can have different decorative effects.

Color: The main color is white with warm light decoration. It creates a lovely and bright shop theme. We can also use other colors to get a wonderful effect.

Material: MDF is the basic body material, and surface material baking paint. We can also put up posters and brand logos here for advertising. All the materials are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Places to use

This cosmetic display cabinet is good to use in cosmetic shops, beauty salon shops, shopping malls, showrooms, and supermarkets.

occasions to use

Products details

The handle is high quality and convenient to use. It installs silent hardware, which is easy to open and close. There is a spotlight on the top and each shelf has a light lamp to highlight the items.

product details

The bottom of the cabinet is equipped with a stabilizing device to increase the stability of the counter. In this way, it will not shake on uneven ground.

Produce details

The first step is to make a wood body and leave space for light. Next, the goods are sent to the polish room. Workers polished the cabinet body smoothly and sprayed the first coat of paint. When the paint is completely dry, it will be sent to the paint booth. The baking process will last 5 times to obtain the best surface effect. The last step is assembly the locked cabinet and adds a light lamp. Produce time need about 18-20 days

More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, light, stainless steel, poster, logo, etc.
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