Interior design should be your top priority when creating a hair salon. Hairstyle design is very important for your beauty business to focus on improving your temperament and beauty. After all, when you open a beauty salon, you are marketing style and beauty. Salon shop is the main content of your creativity, showing how you interpret hairstyle aesthetics. Similarly, hair salon interior design is also your expression of art. The field of beauty and hairdressing revolves around appearance. In other words, the hair salon is also related to interior surface appearance. On today's Internet, with the help of social platforms, maintaining a beautifully decorated beauty salon will also make you pay off.

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Hair Salon's design helps define a person's brand and services. In addition to building your salon brand, excellent hair salon interior design can also attract more customers. Whenever they see your excellent hair salon interior design, it can attract them to be interested in your store and try to understand it.

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So how can you start your salon shop design and what display furniture to match? This article will give you an in-depth understanding of the interior design of top hairdressing salons and some furniture matching contents. This list will help you find ideas for future hair salon decorations.

The reason why hair salon design has become a real challenge is that it is very technical and organizational.

This is why both design rules and appropriate marketing techniques should be considered to achieve effective solutions in furniture and space layout.  Some important aspects to consider when designing a hairdressing salon correctly are:

  • Interior space layout
  • Furniture layout

Hair Salon Design:  Interior space layout

When planning a hairdressing salon shop, the interior space layout is the foundation, and certain regulations and standards (such as ADA standards in the United States) need to be met, especially the indoor installation of various wiring equipment (hydraulic and electrical). In fact, the right plan is to ensure the comfort and health of customers and can be beneficial to the work activities of service providers.


A hair salon can be divided into three main areas:

  • Entrance-reception/cashier/waiting area
  • Workspace-shampoo/haircut styling
  • Services-toilet/salon storage

* Entrance

The entrance should be arranged in the accommodation the reception area, cash counter and the waiting room. The in-store cashier area should also be designed and organized for displaying and selling hair care-related products and equipped with appropriate shelves. This is usually accomplished by placing a shelf dedicated to displaying products behind the cashier. In addition, the waiting room is a very important space, which shapes the image of the whole hair salon.

reception deskGenerally speaking, a hair salon has a limited area, and usually, the reception desk and cashier will be combined. For example, this one in the picture, although its size is relatively small, has a double-layer countertop, which allows you to place your computer on the inside and can also have the cash register function. The higher part in front can receive customers, and when customers apply for membership, they can sign and fill out forms without bending over.

* Workspace

The work area is the most important part of the whole shop operation, which can be simply divided into shampoo and haircut functional areas, which are inseparable.

Hair Wash

wash equipment

When you design this area, you can arrange a separate room, or design a fixed area as a hair washing area. To help customers wash their hair, water is essential to contact. You need to lay out the pipes of water pipes well, or you can use various washing shop equipment to enhance the customer's experience, and let customers sit and lie down to enjoy good haircut service.

Cut/Hair Styling Station

This area is at the heart of the salon, where the hairdresser shows off his technique and the client checks the results in a mirror. This is why special attention should be paid to the lighting installation system when designing this area. Direct lighting should be avoided, and you should choose diffuse lighting, which will not produce unpleasant shadows. And this area needs to provide at least 3/4 styling chairs and as many mirrors and hairdressing furniture as possible so that you can receive as many customers as possible at the same time.

There are different installation methods, and there are mainly the following styling stations for you to choose from.

Wall Counter (recommended for smaller places)

Functional Hair Styling Station

hair styling stationIn fact, wall-mounted style can also be called wall-mounted style, and the installation method is mainly placed against the wall, which is generally used on one side. This is mainly a wood grain series, the whole mirror is a wood grain frame structure, the table top is mainly equipped with LED luminous mirrors, and a small tabletop is for you to put simple hairdressing tools. A counter is matched beside it, and a whole frame for putting the hair dryer is designed on the side so that you can take it as you want. This style is easy to use and easy to install.

Fancy Barber Working Counter

styling stationIf you find it troublesome to have a small counter next to it, you can also choose this simple styling station. The table top is equipped with an LED mirror, and several metal barrels for hair dryers are designed. Under the stage, there is counter space for storing various items.

Customize Styling Station

stying station

In addition to the more modern barber desks mentioned above, many shops still prefer more traditional styles. Especially for those small shops, there may not even be a separate shampoo area, and the shampoo table and barber table are the same furniture. For example, the styling station has a large shampoo pool on the countertop, where customers can wash their hair when they need to start a haircut, and all the procedures of haircuts can be completed without changing other places.

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The high counter is designed with many small layers so that you can put hairdressing, shampoo, and hair care products. There are drawers and lockers under the counter so that you can put all kinds of small items.

Island Table Unit (suitable for very large places).

The above introduces these styling stations placed against the wall, as well as the double-sided display style of Nakajima counter below.

High-end hair styling station

stationCompared with the style against the wall, this table is suitable for slightly larger shops. Both sides can provide service to customers. A round mirror, work table, and a set of hairdressing chairs can make customers have different experiences.



The size depends on the area of your shop. If the shop is small, you can not consider setting it up.