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Shampoo Chair

Shampoo chair, also known as shampoo bed, shampoo bowls or punch chair, etc., is one of the common furniture in barbershops and hair salons. Evey hair cutting store will have a salon wet station and every wet station will need a shampoo chair. Some of the washbowls are integrated with styling stations while some other are combined with the barber chair. And it is one of the necessary container materials for customers to sit and wash their hair. As the manager or owner of a hair salon, you may know the relaxation that people can enjoy when they wash and wash their hair as a hairstylist. Use comfortable, adjustable, and durable hair salon shampoo chairs to pamper your customers. Check with Ant Display and buy your ideal design shampoo chair at affordable prices. 

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Help customers relax. Although many customers may just want a haircut, other customers may want to relax when someone is washing, shampooing, and cutting hair. Our salon shampoo chair is perfect for this advanced experience.shampoo chair

Main materials on the shampoo chairs

  • Base material: There are usually glass fiber reinforced plastic material, stereotyped board, multilayer board, and other types.
  • Shampoo basin material: ceramic basin, glass steel basin, stainless steel basin, etc.
  • Other accessories: usually equipped with head pads, faucets, showers, connecting sewer hoses, and other accessories.

Standard Shampoo bed:

most of them are made of environmentally friendly leather, imitation leather, PU leather, etc., using a shaped sponge as filler, the bed can be made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, shaped board, etc., the backrest is divided into leather and sponge This advantage is a classic style and generous, not occupying the position, strong practicability. More suitable for barbershops with small space or other places.

  1. Half-lying shampoo bed: The size of this type of shampoo bed is between the sitting shampoo bed and the lying shampoo bed, which is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized dressing places.
  2. Lying shampoo bed: its comfort is better than sitting and semi-reclining. This type of shampoo bed takes up a lot of space, so it is only suitable for a hairdressing and beauty place with plenty of space.

However, in terms of experience, guests certainly prefer a full-lying shampoo bed, which does not wet the guest's collar. During the shampooing process, guests also get rest and relaxation.

Advantages of shampoo chairs from Ant Display

Durability. If the shampoo bed is not completely waterproof, forget it. You also need to pay attention to the weight of each chair considered with the customer.

Style. The cohesive style is very important to give the overall impression of the salon. Remember, if the furniture you are using has a more classic look or is more fashionable and modern. You may want the independent shampoo bed to gradually fade out of the background, while the styling or barber chair is more prominent.

Dimensions of shampoo bed

There is a certain difference in the height of each person, the height varies. So how should the size of the shampoo bed in the barbershop be designed? What size of the shampoo bed in the barbershop will be favored by consumers?

  • Since there are different brands of shampoo beds in barbershops, the size of shampoo beds in barbershops is also very different. The common ones are:
  • 1540mm*685mm*742mm, 1562mm*520mm*742mm, 485mm*1540mm*765mm.
  • For a small barbershop, you can use 485mm*1540mm*765mm. The size of this hairdresser’s shampoo bed is relatively normal, just to accommodate the body of the next person.

Finding a shampoo bed that suits your style, budget, and customer needs can be a bit of a hassle. Browse the products on our website to see the key features to be subdivided so that you can narrow down precisely what you need. For a more luxurious feel, consider using complete salon backwash equipment.

If you are looking for an easy to move shampoo chair that can be carried not only on the salon floor but also to the customer's residence, then the portable shampoo chair is a good choice.

Wholesale Shampoo Chair For Sale

Whether you just opened a new hair salon or want to replace old furniture with new furniture, Ant Display can help you. We provide years of experience, a wide range of salon equipment, and promotional activities to help you save money. As the leading shampoo manufacturer in China. We offer our clients the best quality barbershop wet stations, hair wash chairs at the most popular style, and best price. 

At Ant Display, we not only emphasize efficiency and customer service. We also emphasize high-quality products. We guarantee that all products comply with all safety standards and regulations of countries around the world. Finally, we guarantee all our products and oppose all production defects. We can provide many styles of shampoo chairs to you at a different size.

In addition, you can always rely on fast and reliable delivery services that are suitable for your business. If you have any questions, you can call our customer service for help. If you want to know more about the shampoo chair, email us now